What’s the difference between bookbags and backpacks?

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As the name suggests bookbags are bespoke bags meant for only carrying books. Whereas a backpack is meant for carrying anything and everything. Bookbags are typically a smaller more simplified version of a backpack, with one main compartment and a small pocket on the outside to store smaller items such as a wallet or keys. Ultimately, both backpacks and bookbags have the same function and are used in the same manner. Although what they’re meant to carry is typically very different.

In the late 1800s the first iterations of backpacks were created, the first by Henry Miriam. He developed a knapsack for military use. A few years later this design was improved by Camille Poirier and resembled a current backpack much more than previous versions. The modern style of backpacks was invented in 1952 by Asher Kelty. Asher is one of the most prolific designers of backpacks the world has seen. A lover of hiking who wanted to create a more comfortable way to carry equipment while out hiking.

What’s the difference between bookbags and backpacks?

Backpack design has always had a design focus on practicality for activities. This has typically military focused but more recently for leisure and college. As backpacks have become more common in school use, to carry books and laptops. Bookbag have become more and more redundant in modern society.

If you’re heading out hiking you’ll definitely end up using a backpack to store all the items you need. Backpacks’ more advanced designs incorporate meshing and superior features to allow for added airflow and cooling. This is especially needed on those warm summer days, no one wants a sweaty back now do they?


So to wrap up. If you’re looking to head to school or the library, only need a few books, and fit your lunch in then a bookbag is perfect. If you need a little more room, get a backpack as they’re typically bigger and more versatile.