What is a sheep house called?

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So there are several names for sheep housing and depending on who you ask they will give you a different answer. Some people will even rant at you why it is called one thing and not another. So, what is a sheep house called? Well read on and we will give you all the answers!

Although sheep spend most of their lives living outside grazing on fresh pastures, during the winter some farmers, smallholders, and even pet owners (yes some people have sheep as pets) house their sheep inside. The main reasons to house sheep inside during the colder months are to shelter from winter storms and to keep a close eye on animals’ health especially when pregnant.

What is a sheep house called - Sheep on a field

Sheep house names

  • Fold
  • Sheep fold
  • Shed
  • Barn
  • Cote
  • Hut

What is the main name for sheep housing

Personally, growing up on a sheep farm in the UK, housing our sheep before lambing I’ve always known sheep housing to be called a shed. If sheep are being kept in an outside building with no roof this would be known as a fold or sheepfold.

In reality, you can call a building that has sheep in whatever you like but, the most popular are sheds and fold. If you call them either of these you can’t go too far wrong.

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