What is a baby fox called?

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A baby fox is known under several names the most popular being cubs, kits, or pups. Once more mature these baby foxes will become either Vixen’s if female or dogs, reynards or tods if male. There may be other regional names for baby foxes but these three are the most common.

When pregnant Female foxes adapt their burrow and make a nest of leaves called a nesting chamber. This is where she will give birth to her pups. Foxes have a relatively short gestation period of 53 days, but this is relatively similar to a dog which is between 58 – 68 days depending on breed. The size of a fox’s litter can vary depending on several factors but a typical litter size is between 2 – 7.

When raising a young baby fox both parents have a significant role in the upbringing. The mother cares for the children while the father hunts for food for the whole family. If this isn’t a Vixens first litter then older siblings will help nurture the newborn baby foxes, bringing food to the burrow. Vixens have one mate for life while the dogs may have several female mates. Typically, the male and his vixen mates will share the same burrow.

What is a baby fox called?

Are Arctic foxes babies called?

Much like the more common gray fox or red fox and baby arctic foxes are called kits.

Are fennec fox babies called?

Fennec foxes babies are called kits.

Foxes on personal property

Foxes around households, gardens, and yards have become much more of an issue in recent times, especially in urban areas with the increase in urban fox populations. A fox can be a pest, known for attacking small animals, including children, and creating a mess by routing through bins. No matter the species of fox, if this is an issue for you read our article to humanity deter foxes from your property and stop them pooping in your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a group of foxes called?

A group of foxes is called a skulk or leash

What do foxes eat?

Foxes have a varied diet, including worms, berries but predominantly small animals such as birds and lambs. If they are urban foxes they will rummage through rubbish, usually creating a mess in the process.

Do foxes hibernate?

Foxes do not hibernate but there activity levels typically reduce in colder weather.

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