Radix One Black Steel Slim RFID Wallet Review

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Radix have created a very poplar wallet range consisting of the

  • One Slim
  • One Black Steel (RFID)
  • Element Slim

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The One Slim was Radix’s first product and it became a great success. They have since developed the One Black Steel, the biggest difference being that it has RFID blocking capabilities. Due to the increasing levels of contactless card crime, I always recommend carrying bank cards with some form of RFID blocking product. As a result, if you’re going to buy any Radix product buy the Radix One Black Steel.

The One Black Steel has been positively reviewed on the likes of Amazon with an average of 4.3 stars from 780 reviews at the date of writing this review. One highlight review is from John Setzler.

“Nice product overall. Definitely a cool, attractive, and sturdy design. There were no sharp edges on the metal plates and the rubber band feels durable. I like that there is a little extra rubber on the money side to help with grip… nice consideration there.

The cards certainly can come out quite easily and I don’t anticipate any fumbling around or hassle to be had with using my debit or credit card multiple times daily. Just push them up from the bottom, fan them a little bit and grab what you need.”

Radix One overview

This wallet is an unconventional but very simple wallet, the selling point is that it is extremely minimalistic. Being only 0.3 inches in width it is a super-thin wallet, which you’ll hardly notice in your pocket.

The super-thin design is due to having three individual parts, two black stainless steel plates, and a strong durable silicon band that holds the plates together. To use this wallet you insert your cards and ID into the middle of the stainless steel plates, sandwiching the cards within.

Although this wallet minimalistic design there is a surprisingly large card holding capacity. It can fit between 4 and 10 cards, which for the size is amazing! Additionally, you can store several bills in the silicon band which is handy. Although this wallet definitely isn’t for someone who prefers using cash.

Radix Pros


The first and most obvious positive is the size of the wallet, which has already been highlighted. You’ll do well to find a smaller wallet with the same card capacity. In fact, if you do find a wallet like this please contact me on my contact page and I will buy one and review it!


This wallet has added security to the rest of the Radix range and a lot of wallets on the market. This is the product’s RFID blocking capabilities, which will block frequencies operating at 13.56MHz (the frequency of bank card readers).


The two plates are stainless steel, known for their high strength and resistance to corroding/rusting. To reduce the risk of rusting further the plates have been powder coated black. There is a thick coating (thick in terms of powder coating) of paint that is resistant to flaking and chipping. 

Quick access to cards

The cards can be removed from the wallet quickly, especially the outer cards (although this has a negative which I’ll write about in the cons).


The Radix one black comes with a 1-year warranty which protects you against any manufacturing defects, giving you peace of mind.

Radix Cons

Card scratching

This is the biggest negative of this wallet and definitely frustrating to find out. Hopefully, this will give you some pre-warning if you decide to buy this wallet. Over time the top and bottom cards can get scratched, the cards always seem to function after scratching which is the main thing, but it can visually affect the cards. Personally, the best solution is to put cards on the outside which you don’t mind getting scratched, such as a loyalty card. 

Bill holding

The wallet isn’t the greatest for carrying bills but can hold around 10. It is perfectly secure but I personally prefer holding cash on the inside of a wallet.


Yes, I know this was also a positive. The Radix One Black Steels has good blocking capabilities but there are other wallets with better blocking capability, especially Mt Eston trifold wallet. The likelihood with this wallet is, you’ll never have your cards skimmed while they are in the wallet.

Final notes

If you’re looking for a super-thin wallet with RFID blocking features then this wallet would be my first choice.

Additionally, Radix as a company has several key core values they believe in. They aim for ethical sourcing, purchasing their materials from responsible and sustainable ways looking after both social and environmental factors. Additionally, if you are looking for an animal product-free wallet then the Radix One Black is a great choice.

Radix One Black Steel - RFID Blocking Minimalist Front Pocket Ultra Thin Strong Wallet Money Clip Card Holder