Nulaxy KM 19 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Review

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Recently I traded my car for another second hand one. I always used an AUX cable to play my favourite music, unfortunately, my new car doesn’t have an AUX slot. Listening to the radio started to get a bit boring and repetitive for my liking, and that’s when a friend recommenced a Bluetooth FM Transmitter. After a lot of online research I decided to buy the Nulaxy KM 19 transmitter.  It runs of 12-24v DC input voltage so will work for nearly all cars and truck on the road.

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Unboxing the Nulaxy KM 19

The FM transmitter comes in a well presented and strong cardboard box, it is simple and does what it needs too. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • KM 19 FM transmitter
  • An AUX cable 
  • 18 month warranty card 
  • Nulaxy user manual. 

The AUX cable is approximately 2 foot (600mm) in length, if you require a longer AUX you may want to order one. The AUX doesn’t have interference and the sound is clear and smooth.

To activate your Nulaxy 18 month warranty go to: within 30 days of ordering and fill in your details, including order number, order date and warranty code. Once completed you’ll receive an email and your warranty is set up.

The user manual gives clear instructions on how to use and set up the device with some tips for issue you may encounter. The manual is written in the following languages:

  • US / UK / Canada
  • ES
  • IT
  • DE
  • FR
  • JP

Nulaxy KM 19 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Unboxing

Setting up the Device

The Nulaxy KM 19 is easy to set up, it needs plugging into the cigarette lights socket, once in it switches on. The display unit can rotate up to 120° to maximise visibility to suit your driving position. Once happy with the position you need to select an FM frequency, this is done by using the forwards and backward arrow buttons.Tune your car ratio to this frequency, and you should be away to go! To connect via Bluetooth switch your Bluetooth on and pair a new device. You should see KM19 appear, click pair and it should connect. 

Testing the Nulaxy KM 19

I’ve now been using this FM transmitter for the last couple of months and have used it for well over 100 hours. The frequency I selected has not caused issue even when travelling cross country, and has not had any interference. The sound quality of the KM 19 is very good, partially due to the lack of interference. 

When using Bluetooth the Nulaxy KM19 can control your phone, allowing you to change the volume and skip or replay music. If you receive a phone call you can answer by pressing the volume button, as this sits proud of the device it is easy to locate while driving and causes minimal distraction. If you want to reject an incoming phone call you can press and hold the volume button for 2 seconds. To redial the last caller you press the volume button twice.

There is an inbuilt 2.1 Amp USB charging slot, so far I have only used this to charge my phone. It charges the phone at a good speed without the USB port or charger getting warmer than expected.

To play music on USB, AUX or memory card simply insert into the relevant slot and the music shall play.

When I received the FM transmitter the seller contacted me via email regarding potential for the device to disconnect from the Bluetooth after 10-20 minutes of use. They said that this is a known issue and to contact them if I encountered this issue, as they have a fix.
The only area Nulaxy could improve is a method of dimming the display light. The light is fixed at one level and this could be too bright for some people while driving at night. This isn’t an issue for me as my device is low down in my car and isn’t distracting. 

A final feature the FM transmitter has which when purchasing I didn’t know about is, when starting the device the display shows the vehicle battery level. This is great as it helps monitor the health of your battery and starter motor. 

Final thoughts

After using the Nulaxy KM 19 I would say it is possibly the best Bluetooth FM transmitter on the market. It offers great value for money, good build quality, sound and is extremely easy to use.

US Version Here

UK Version Here

Hope that you’ve found this review helpful and informative, if you have any questions or feedback please message me via the contact form.