How to stop foxes pooping in your garden

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Foxes around your household, gardens, or yards are becoming more of a common issue, affecting both rural and urban areas. For some people, the presence of foxes is not an issue, but for others, it can be a real nuisance. Foxes have been known to:

  • Get into trash and dustbins creating a mess
  • Damage fencing
  • Dig up flower beds and gardens
  • Creating a pungent and musky smell
  • Killing small animals such as chickens
  • Eating fruit from plants and trees

The methods and tactics we are going to show you on this page are not intended to cause harm to any foxes, they’re are purely a deterrent showing you how to stop foxes pooping in gardens.

How to stop foxes pooping in your garden

Typically foxes have been more problematic in rural areas, but in more recent times there have been greater reports of foxes entering more populated areas in search of food. The University of Glasgow has found that urban foxes are evolving, with changing snout shape helping them forage within urban areas.

Foxes can be a huge pest when they get into your garden or yard. They are known for attacking small animals especially chickens and young lambs. Even if you don’t have animals they can attack they can also create a real mess by pulling rubbish and trash out of bins. They also make bad smells by pooping and urinating on your property, causing a really potent and unpleasant smell. You may also have small children and are worried they may be attacked. Some of the biggest questions asked around fox control are:

  • How to deter foxes
  • How to stop foxes pooping in garden
  • What’s the best fox deterrent
  • How to stop foxes coming in your garden
  • Best products to deter foxes
  • How to get rid of foxes
  • What are natural fox repellents
  • How to stop foxes pooping in your garden
  • How to keep foxes out of your garden
  • Best way to keep foxes away
  • how to stop foxes coming into your garden

This article aims to answer these questions you have and create the best solution for you to solve your fox issues.

Writers choice – Best product to deter foxes

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Foxes are very hard to deter at times and you may find it necessary to buy products to help with the process. This is the product that we’d recommend to give you the best chance of having success.

You may not need to buy any products to deter a fox, and following the simple steps below will give you the best chance.

Key things required to help stop foxes in your garden

There are several simple steps to help reduce foxes around your household, gardens, and yards. If these are followed you give yourself the best chance of being fox-free. The best part is you don’t need to buy any products to help deter but they may be helpful to succeed. The steps to follow are:

  1. Keep areas near your house clean and tidy
  2. Remove any fox poo in your garden
  3. Keep your garden maintained
  4. Block off areas where foxes move and sleep
  5. Install motion-activated lights
  6. If required purchase items such as sprays or pellets designed to deter foxes.

To give you more help each point is detailed below.

Keeping areas near your house clean and tidy

In household waste there is often food, as foxes have to scavenge for food this can be an easy source of energy if left unprotected. Make sure that waste is bagged, tied, and put into bins. Sometimes foxes will attempt to knock over bins to get at the food within. If possible put bins in places where they are hard to knock over such as in corners next to walls.

Remove any fox poo

Fox poo smells bad and is very unpleasant. If you remove the poo you help lesson the horrible smell. Wash down the area if possible and spray with sweet-smelling nontoxic products which are not harmful to animals. This helps make areas smell nice and removes the scent.

Keep your garden maintained

Cut your hedges and grass regularly, this may seem slightly irrelevant for deterring foxes but it really isn’t! Maintaining your garden means less hiding and sleeping places for foxes as they’re more in the open than they’d like. If a fox feels uncomfortable they are likely to move on. Additionally, it is good practice to keep fences in good order as this can make it extremely difficult for a fox to get into your land.

Block off areas where foxes move and sleep

If you notice that a fox is entering or leaving your land in a certain spot, or they sleep in an area then try to block this space off. Place objects on these spots such as plant pots or wooden logs. Improving fencing where foxes enter or leave by creating denser or higher barriers.

Install motion activated lights

Motion-activated lights are a great way to get rid of foxes from your yard or garden. If a fox comes into your property while it’s dark, they usually trip motion detectors. This is one of the biggest deterrents for foxes, as they don’t like drawing attention to themselves. Foxes are very smart, they will adjust their movements from experience. Click to view the best solar flood lights for garden security.

Purchase items to deter foxes

If the above techniques haven’t stopped your fox problem then it may be necessary to buy a deterrent product. There are a few products which get recommend, such as:

  • Wolf urine sprays/granules
  • Ultrasonic animal repellents
  • Flash repeller

Through experience, the best products and only ones I would buy include Wolf Urine, as this is most effective and less likely to put off pets.

My recommendation of product is here below, follow the instructions of how to use and hopefully your fox issues are over.

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Hopefully, this article has given you all the help you need to stop your fox problems. If you have any feedback, such as whether this guide helped or didn’t for that matter, please drop me a message via the contact form.

All the best

Product Review Lad

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