How to figure out if a security camera is real or fake

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If you live in an apartment block or have a business in an area where there are security cameras that are not controlled by you, or your nosy neighbor has installed security cameras you may be asking yourself if these are real or fake. With our handy tips, you’ll be able to have a great understanding of how to figure out if they’re real or fake.

The easiest way to find out if a security camera is fake or real is to use a heat-detecting device such as a thermal imaging camera or a laser pointer thermometer. There is quite a big price difference between the two, laser pointer thermometers are a much cheaper option and will likely meet your requirements (as long as you can get close to the camera!).

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Steps to figure out if a security camera is real or fake

  1. Collect your heat sensing device

    If you own a device that detects heat such as a laser pointer thermometer or thermal imaging camera, great go grab it! If not we will share with you links for two great products you can order.

  2. Head to the location of the camera you wish to check

  3. Measure the temperature

    Use your measuring device on the camera and record the temperature. Then measure the temperature in the surrounding vicinity, such as a wall next to the camera. If the camera is warmer than the area around it, it’s likely to be a real security camera. If you’re still unsure after taking measurements try again later at night when the ambient temperature should have reduced. This should increase the temperature difference between the camera and the ambient.

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Alternate methods to see if a security camera is real or fake

If you have no thermal measuring devices you can still have a good go at figuring if a security camera is fake or real. If you can get close to the camera you can inspect it, check for flashing lights, these are typically red. Check for wiring coming out of the camera, such as power cables. Wiring can be concealed so this isn’t the greatest deciding factor. If the material quality of the camera looks to be poor quality then there is a better chance the camera is fake.

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