How Much Do Motorized Blinds Cost

How Much Do Motorized Blinds Cost?

Being able to control your blinds at the touch of a button sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Imagine not having to leave the couch in the middle of a movie or book to twist the blinds open or closed! Additionally, blinds are also a great way to help keep your home secure. Motorized blinds definitely have a number of benefits that make them appealing. So why haven’t you bought them yet? Like most people, you’re probably wondering how much do motorized blinds cost? Are they even worth the price?

Today, we’re going to discuss the factors that affect the cost of motorized blinds, as well as some product examples for you to consider. Let’s get started.

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How Much Do Motorized Blinds Cost

How Much Do Motorized Blinds Cost?

With the popularity of motorized window coverings on the rise, many styles have been released. Regardless of your budget, you should be able to find motorized blinds that won’t put a crater in your bank account. That said, when you consider the styles, as well as the grades of quality, features, and other factors, it is difficult to say exactly how much-motorized blinds cost.

The typical price range is between $150 and $400 for a single window covering. Obviously, cheaper window coverings are not going to have the same durability and features as more expensive brands. Be sure to compare your options in accordance with the features and style you want.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Motorized Blinds

Let’s have a look at some of the factors that influence the price of motorized blinds.


One of the essential components of motorized blinds is the motor. You want to choose a brand of motorized blinds that has balanced quality with a favorable price tag. A low-cost option might seem ideal, but you should keep in mind that such units often have poor warranties, noisier motors, or even mechanical issues.

Some motors are battery-powered, while others use wired connections for power. This, too, affects the power and price of the motor. Wired units will typically be more expensive than battery-powered electric blinds.

Size and Number of Windows

If you want to truly hone in on an answer to the question of how much do motorized blinds cost? the best way is to figure out how many motorized blinds you are going to need and what size. If you don’t know how to get the perfect measurements, it might be best to call a window professional.

If you would rather do the measurements yourself, here are some tips:

  • Get a metal measuring tape. Soft materials that bend or fold won’t provide the most accurate reading.
  • Measure every window you want to cover with motorized blinds. Even if the windows look to be the same size, the slightest variance could make the blinds unusable.
  • Notate the measurements as width by height. Make sure you don’t flip the measurements.
  • Round to the nearest 1/8-inch.

Once you have the measurements, you can then find more accurate pricing online.


Another important factor is the materials used to construct the motorized blinds. You should consider the color and style you want for your home then think about the trade-offs between different materials. For example, there are some motorized blinds that use real wood panels. While this looks aesthetically pleasing and is more durable than vinyl, the cost of wood will boost the price tag.


Some motorized window coverings also include smart technology. For example, you can find motorized blinds that connect to Alexa. Other brands might have apps that allow you to schedule the opening and closing times or even remote control for times you’re not at home.

What Are Some Examples of Quality Motorized Blinds?

Now that you know a little about motorized blinds and the factors that increase the price, it’s time for some recommendations.

Budget-Friendly Motorized Blinds

If you are looking for the convenience of motorized blinds, check out XINGXUN Roller Zebra Shades/Blinds. These are made-to-order motorized blinds that use an app to connect to Alexa or Google. From there, you can control the blinds remotely. Easy to install on your own, these cordless blinds are perfect for homes with young children and pets. The XINGXUN blinds also have a wide selection of colors to choose from. While these motorized blinds are battery-powered, they can operate for 3-6 months on a full charge.

Premium Quality Motorized Blinds

For a higher-end set of motorized blinds, Yoolax Motorized Vertical Blinds are perfect for the home or office. Made with blackout material, when these blinds are 100% closed, they also block out 100% of the sunlight. The slats can also be tilted to customize how much sun or privacy you want. Available in a variety of contemporary colors, these blinds look and run smooth.

The Yoolax Motorized Blinds come with smart technology and a hardwired plug-in motor. The motor connects to WiFi then is ready to be controlled with Google Home, Alexa, or other smart home apps. This means you can open and close your blinds with just a few words, for anywhere in your home.

Yoolax Motorized Blinds are also available as Venetian blinds, zebra blinds, cellular shades, and Shangri-la blinds.

The Price of Convenience

How much do motorized blinds cost? A single window can cost anywhere between $150-$400 on average, but you might even see regions where motorized blinds are twice as much. Remember, there are a number of factors that influence the price!