How can I reset a Craftsman garage door opener?

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This method will work for the majority of Craftsman garage doors. To reset your Craftsman garage door opener follow the steps listed below.

  • Press and hold the “learn button” for 10 seconds
    • Behind one of the light bulbs
    • At the back of the unit
  • Release the “learn button”
  • The keypads and remotes will now have an erased memory allowing them to be reset
  • Press the “learn button” and release
  • Press the button on your remote
    • If the light bulbs on your craftsman garage door motor flash the remote is now programmed
    • If the light does not flash then repeat this step until the light flashes
  • Move to the next remote and press the button, checking that the lights flash on the motor
  • Repeat until all remotes are completed
  • Next press the enter button on the keypad, making sure the lights flash on the motor.

The buttons and keypad should now be reset, test the buttons and keypad to check that they work as expected. Make sure you don’t lock yourself out of the building, believe me when I say it’s a real pain…

How can I reset a Craftsman garage door opener?

Craftsman garage door support contact

To contact Craftsman follow this link. Their support is very helpful and will answer your questions to help make sure you have a simple and worry-free operation of their garage door openers. You can also browse Craftmans products and accessories here, including their extension kits and various replacement parts which may have broken.

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