Fossil RFID Wallet Review Mens and Womens

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Over the past few years Product Review Lad has reviewed many RFID Blocking wallets and purses. Fossil make a great range of both men’s and women’s RFID blocking wallets. They have a long standing history for making top quality products whether it be watches, bags, wallets or accessories. Fossil wallets aren’t just affordable and great quality, they offer brilliant RFID blocking capabilities too.

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You won’t just find RFID technology in your bank cards, it is likely that your vehicle uses RFID too. If your vehicle uses a keyless fob to open or start then you’re likely susceptible to Relay Attack.

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Fossil Wallet Overview

As with all of Fossil’s wallets they use the same RFID blocking materials, so each has the same blocking capabilities. This goes for both men’s and women’s wallets. Additionally, similar leather is used for each wallet so you can expect the same quality throughout their range. Unfortunately, the leather is slightly susceptible to scratching but this goes for any leather wallet. 

If you’re looking to buy a fossil wallet but are unsure of which is the right one for you, there is no need to worry about quality variations between product ranges. The best purchasing tip is to assess how many card slots you require. The wallets have been reviewed in size order from largest to smallest.

One of the great things about Fossil wallets and purses is that they are very durable and still look good over time. They can be slightly prone to scratching but this is quite rare and requires significant force.

A lot of people end up asking, are fossil wallets good? The answer is yes, they’re brilliant quality with amazing styling too.

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Men’s Wallets

Fossil Ryan Leather Passcase

Of the men’s Fossil wallets reviewed this has the largest credit card capacity at 12 slots, but has only one ID window. Unlike the Ryan execufold and Derrick this wallet has an internal folding section containing the ID window and 3 card slots. Personally this looks more stylish than the usual external folding sections, and feels more robust too. With this wallets design the ID window section can be removed if you wish. 

Like most Fossils men’s wallets there is only one bill compartment, with the size of this wallet there is lots of room for bills, fitting most foreign currencies too.

When the wallet arrives it comes in a grey Fossil tin which is perfect for gifting. This wallet is very elegant and will last for several years, while having a long lasting leather smell.

Fossil Ryan Leather Execufold Wallet

The execufold is a different type of wallet to nearly any on the market, it’s a bifold wallet which comes with an additional upwards folding section. This gives the wallet a unique and sleek design which can grab the attention of others. The capacity is quite impressive at 9 slots and 1 ID window, although card slots can be a little tight.

One downside to this style of wallet is the size of the bill compartment, if you like to carry cash this wallet isn’t for you. Unlike the Fossil Ryan the ID window folds outwards, like more traditional wallets. This wallet fits nicely into both side and back pockets this is definitely due to the sleek design and not being overly bulky. It arrives in a grey Fossil tin which is great as a gift.

Fossil Derrick Leather Wallet

The Fossil Derrick wallet is very similar in size to the Ryan execufold. The front two card slots are “slide” slots, which means the slot has a sloping front making it easier to remove the card, perfect for your most used cards.

Once again there is only one bill compartment, which is sufficiently sized to fit most world currencies. There are 2 ID windows which are both located on the flip out section of the wallet, one on the front and the other on the reverse. The Derrick has 8 card slots compared to the Ryan execufold’s 9. Both this and the Ryan execufold are very comparable, if you’re wanting a medium capacity wallet choose the one you think looks best.

Women’s Wallets

Fossil Logan Clutch RFID Wallet

The Logan Clutch is a larger wallet than most women’s wallets holding 12 cards. There is a zipper change compartment on the back of the wallet which stores plenty of coins, it is easy to use and not as tight as most competitors. There is also an internal zipped area, which is perfect for anything you do not want on show. The wallet has enough room to hold things other than cards and money, including the Samsung Galaxy M21 and iPhone 11.

The Fossil Logan Clutch comes with a sleek wrist strap with the brand logo on the clasp, this is the finishing touch to the perfect purse. Personally this wallet is money well spent, and should be a great choice for you.

Fossil Logan RFID Wallet

The Fossil Logan is an extremely well designed small wallet range, with many different styles to suit all tastes. If you are looking for a small compact wallet then this is the one. As a mini wallet the number of card slots is only 6, one external and 5 internal. If this is all you require then it’s the perfect wallet.

The Logan range uses a snap fasten closing feature and external zip pocket for loose change along with 2 internal slips for bank notes. Notes fit in comfortably when unfolded, but change space is slightly limited due to the size.

Final Points of Note

All Fossil wallets are of equal quality, it is best to choose the size which suits you. No matter which you purchase I expect you’ll be very happy with the wallet for years to come.


What is a RFID Blocking wallet

A RFID Blocking wallet is purposely designed to keep your cards safe. Minimizing the risk of getting your card skimmed by any potential thieves. It is advised by many travel guides to use RFID Blocking / jamming technology especially while travelling. These wallets use a faraday cage to create a virtual shield around your bank cards, protecting them from radio frequency reading devices.

Does RFID block Bluetooth

The answer to this question depends on the wallet. Most wallets with RFID blocking materials only block 13.56MHz, some block between approximately 10-30MHz. As Bluetooth operates at a much higher frequency of 2.45GHz most wallets do not block bluetooth. 

If you’re looking for a wallet to block Bluetooth signals then Mt Eston would be the wallet of choice as this blocks frequencies between 10MHz to 3GHz. Mt Eston provides the best wallet on the market with amazing quality and blocking abilities. 

What does RFID blocking mean

RFID blocking means that something has the ability to stop Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Some devices such as contactless credit cards, book scanners in libraries and parts stored in manufacturing facilities use RFID to identify linked information. For example bank account numbers and sort codes, RFID blocking stops this information being visible.

Does leather block RFID

In short, leather partially blocks RFID. RFID has a relatively short range of several centimetres, leather helps create a shield which slightly reduces this distance. To be able to fully block RFID signals a faraday cage is required. All RFID blocking wallets have a form of faraday cage within them. 

RFID blocking material for wallets

Most wallets use a foil like material with a mixture of copper and aluminium, this is covered with a synthetic material usually Tyvek. This blocking foil is sewn into the inside of the wallet and is not visible.