Nulaxy NX09 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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Over the past few years, Product Review Lad has reviewed many Bluetooth FM transmitters, and the Nulaxy NX09 one is the best one yet. It is very affordable and offers the best sound quality available on the market. In fact, this Bluetooth FM Transmitter ranks number one in our Best Bluetooth FM Transmitters.

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Unboxing the Nulaxy NX09

When purchasing the Nulaxy NX09 you’ll find the following in the box:

  • NX09 FM transmitter
  • 18 month warranty card 
  • Nulaxy user manual. 
Nulaxy NX09

To activate your Nulaxy 18-month warranty go to: within 30 days of ordering and fill in your details, including the order number, order date, and warranty code. Once completed you’ll receive an email and your warranty is set up.

Setting up the device

The Nulaxy NX09 is simple to set up, plug into the cigarette lights socket, next select an FM frequency, by using the forwards and backward arrows. Tune your car radio to this frequency, and you’ve finished. To connect via Bluetooth switch your Bluetooth on and pair a new device. You should see NX09 appear, click pair and it should connect. 

Testing the Nulaxy NX09

After using the NX09 for hundreds of hours the stand-out quality is the amazing sound quality, it is second to none. This is due to echo-canceling technology and Bluetooth 5.0, reducing background noise.

This FM transmitter comes with three different modes to play your music. Music can be played via Bluetooth, USB drive, or Micro SD card. Bluetooth is the easiest and most versatile as it enables hands-free calls.

When using Bluetooth the Nulaxy NX09 can control your phone, allowing you to change the volume, skip or replay music. Receiving a phone call is answered by pressing the volume button. A call can be rejected by pressing the volume button for 2 seconds. To redial the last caller you press the volume button twice.

To play music on USB, AUX, or memory card simply insert it into the relevant slot and the music shall play.

Final Points of note


  • Great audio quality
  • Amazing value (especially for quality)
  • USB 3.0 for fast charging
  • Fair price
  • Permits voice commands
  • Two USB charging ports
  • Simple to use
  • Strong Bluetooth connection


  • No swivel head display