Best Women’s RFID Wallet

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So my taste in Women’s wallets isn’t exactly the greatest, and for that reason, I’ve had some female help. RFID wallets are used to prevent identity theft and card skimming, a crime that has been rising drastically over recent years, costing people over $2 billion globally to date. When looking for the best women’s RFID wallet you need to look for several key criteria, such as RFID blocking ability, style, and looks, quality, and capacity. Luckily for you, we’ve separated these features and they can be seen in our simple to read, Best RFID Blocking Purse table.

To know more about these types of wallets, you may like to read our RFID Blocking wallets and how they work article, giving you details on how your cards are vulnerable and how these wallets work to protect your bank cards.

Best Women’s RFID Wallet

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The Women’s RFID wallets we recommend are as follows.

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1. Fossil Emma Women’s RFID Zip Wallet

Fossil has a history of making top-quality goods, the Emma range of wallet is no exception and has stormed to the top of this review. It is a larger wallet than some competitors holding 12 cards and is made from great quality leather. There is a zipper change compartment on the back of the wallet which stores plenty of coins, it is easy to use and not as tight as most competitors. The wallet has enough room to hold things other than cards and money, phones can be stored including the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy M21. There is also an internal zipped area, which is perfect for anything you do not want on show. 

The Fossil Emma comes with a sleek wrist strap with the brand logo on the clasp, this is the finishing touch to the perfect wallet. This wallet has great RFID blocking capabilities and is amongst the best of all its competitors. Personally, this wallet is money well spent and should be a great choice for you.

2. Fossil Logan Women’s RFID Wallet

The Fossil Logan is an extremely well-designed small wallet range, with many different styles to suit all tastes. If you are looking for a small compact wallet then this is the one. As a mini wallet, the number of card slots is only 6, one external and 5 internal, if this is all you require then it’s the perfect wallet. This wallet offers a high level of protection and you know you’re buying quality with fossil.

The Logan range uses a snap fasten closing feature and external zip pocket for loose change along with 2 internal slips for banknotes. Notes fit in comfortably when unfolded, but change space is slightly limited due to the size.

3. Travelambo Woman’s RFID Blocking Wallet

Travelambo is in the third spot due to their extremely stylish wallet with a great range, meaning there is a wallet for everyone. This wallet is very compact and has 15 card slots, the second highest being reviewed.  The wallet also offers good protection against card skimming to help give peace of mind.

Travelambo is a relatively small company and handcrafts all of their wallets and wallets, which adds a beautiful touch. Unfortunately, the only downside of being a small company is that their quality control seems to let them down occasionally. Some people have received purses or wallets and had issues, usually with the zips. You shouldn’t let this put you off buying what should be a brilliant wallet. 

4. ItsLife Woman’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Wax Clutch Wallet

This wallet comes very close to Fossils Logan leather wallet. The reason it loses out is down to its looks. Luckily they offer a wide range of leather wallets in a variety of colors. The reason ItsLife rank so high is because they offer military-grade shielding as well as having the highest capacity wallet of all reviewed. The wallet has a massive 21 card slot!

Some people have had problems with these wallets usually caused by a weak zip or scratching easily. This is the main reason for the lower ranking.

5. Boxiki RFID Blocking Travel Money Belt

Boxiki’s fanny pack offers great protection for your cards, phone, money, and personal belongings. If you are traveling or at a festival then I would advise this product. The money belt, slim design means it’s not very visible and can be covered by clothing. The biggest issue is the quality of the zip as it can be a little flimsy. If you have an issue with the quality of the product contact Boxiki as they have great customer service.

6. Gold Horse Slim RFID Blocking Card Holder

This is the smallest product being reviewed and has 4 card slots.  Gold Horse has invested a lot of time and effort into protecting cards inside this holder. The main material layers can block signals from 10MHz to 30MHz which covers the frequency of card transactions. The cardholder has a simple and elegant design with nice stitching leading to a good all-around small cardholder.

Final notes

Hopefully, this has answered all of your questions about the best women’s RFID wallets and helped you choose the one which suits you best while offering great protection from thieves. If you are looking to buy someone a men’s blocking wallet check out our review here. If these wallets do not suit what you’re looking for check out RFID Blocking Cards or Best RFID Jamming Sleeves.