Chamberlain has a long history for manufacturing some of the best garage door openers on the market. They’re a brand which offers great quality with some amazing functionality all at competitive prices. Chamberlain offers both belt or chain driven garage door openers with smartphone control options. In this article 3 belt driven Chamberlain products are reviewed, the B550, B750 and B970.

Chamberlains belt driven products are preferable to their chain driven alternatives but come at a slight premium. In our eyes the belt range is definitely worth the little extra money as the mechanisms are much quieter and smoother which is ideal for garages near bedrooms or if you just prefer peace and quiet.

Quick summary

If you’re wanting to find out quickly which product we recommend without reading the full reviews this is for you.
For a good quality, heavy lifting garage door opener, which is more budget friendly, but lacks the added features then the Chamberlain B550 is the best.

If you want the best quality, quiet yet very fast operating garage door opener which has all the added features for a slightly more premium price the Chamberlain B970 is perfect for you.

In areas which can have issues with power supply it would be recommended to purchase the Chamberlain B970 as it comes with a backup battery for power outages.

Key Chamberlain specifications

What each Chamberlain door opener comes with

Each door opener comes with the door opener unit, safety sensor kit, wireless keypad, two 3-button garage door remotes and a wall control panel. The doors all have MyQ smartphone connectivity built in too.

The garage door opener is a single complete unit which has all control systems and motor drive within, along with the steel reinforced belt. Chamberlain incorporate a posilock anti-theft protection system. This is an electronic locking system which monitors against forced opening. If the door starts to open without permission then the motor operates to close the door.

Safety sensor kit

Within the safety sensor kit you will find a sending senor and receiving sensor along with connected conductor wires. There are 5 wire connectors and 2 round head bolts with wingnuts.

This kit detects if there is any obstruction in alignment with the garage door. If there is then the door will not close, so protecting anything which may be hit while closing. This is an industry standard for any garage door made since 1997.

Wireless keypad

The wireless keypad is to be mounted outside of your garage, to give you convenient access when entering a 4 digit access code. There is also a one touch close button feature. The wireless keypad has a sliding cover which helps protect from rain and harsh weather conditions.

A temporary pin can be set up, giving short term access to anyone you wish. The keypad comes with Security +2.0 compatibility, which is a type of security only the most reputable brands have.

3 Button garage door remote

Each Chamberlain garage door openers comes with two 3 button door openers. Each door opener can open three garage doors (if you have that many to open!) This also comes with Security +2.0 for added safety. The door opener has a huge range of 1,500 ft (although be aware of the door opener light reducing this). The remote set up is extremely easy if you follow the instructions provided.

Wall Control Panel

This control panel is installed inside your garage allowing you to switch on the opener lights as well as opening and closing the garage door. The B750 and B970 models have an automatic motion sensor to switch lights on automatically.


Smartphone app which knows the status of your garage door from a handy app. You can open and close the door, useful for giving people access such as a gardener or trades person. You receive notifications when the door opens and closes. Alerts if left open over a certain amount of time. The MyQ app can connect up to 4 smartphone devices to control the door through the app. The app can also be connected to Key by Amazon.

Full Chamberlain garage door opener review

The Chamberlain doors openers reviewed on this page all are capable of lifting heavy double garage doors. If you are unsure how heavy your garage door is and need a rough estimate to see if a door opener is powerful enough for you check out Garage Door Guide. Despite differing power levels for each product Chamberlain states that each door is capable of lifting up to 650lbs.

Chamberlain B550 Review

The B550 is the least expensive option of those reviewed and is great value for money when you consider the quality of the Chamberlain brand. Although the lowest powered in the review with an equivalent 0.5hp power rating, it still is rated to lift 650lbs doors. This should lift any double garage door no matter its construction and levels of insulation.

Chamberlain B750 Review

The B750 is a great mid to upper range product with most of the features of the B970 but with a slightly lower price. I’d really advice this garage door opener if you aren’t worried about being able to get into or out of your garage during a power outage. This door opener is super quiet, powerful and reliable. It’s a surefire win and worth the price tag in our eyes.

Chamberlain B970 Review

This garage door opener is the cream of the crop when it comes to opening garage doors. If you’re happy to spend the money on it then I wouldn’t look at any others on the market (except maybe the B750 as a slightly cheaper option). This door comes with:

  • 1.25hp motor
  • 650lbs lift capacity
  • Backup battery
  • Smartphone control
  • Automatic lights
  • Soft start/stop technology
  • Motion detecting control panel

Key Differences

Being the lowest cost option the B550 comes with less warranty protection than the B750 and B970. While the two larger garage door openers comes with lifetime belt and motor warranty along with a 5 year parts warranty. The B550 comes with the following warranty:

  • Belt – 15 years
  • Motor – 10 years
  • Parts & Accessories – 1 year

The B550 also does not come with the soft start/stop technology while the B750 & B970 do. This is a nice to have feature but not necessary, it effectively slows the motor at the start and end of the cycle which results in an ultra smooth and quieter experience.

The B550 also does not come with the function of automatic lights while the other two garage door openers do. The automatic lights feature simply switched the light on when entering the garage.

The Chamberlain B750 and B970 are much more similar in terms of specifications. The 2 key differences being motor power and backup battery. The B750 has a smaller motor power 0.75hp compared to 1.25hp, although both door openers have the same lift capacity. The backup battery is very useful and gives peace of mind in the event of a power shortage. If there is a power cut you can still have some operation of the B970 while you can’t with the B550 and B750.

You may also need

Not all garage doors are the same height, and for that reason you may need to buy an extension kit. Most garage doors are either 7, 8 or 10ft tall

Chamberlain garage door openers have been designed for 7ft tall doors, and for that reason if you have a 8 or 10ft door you will have to buy one of the following options.


Whichever Chamberlain garage door opener you choose you will have a great quality product. The choice comes down to what you want to spend or what level of specifications you want. The B550 is the most budget friendly while the B970 has all the added features you could reasonably require.

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