Bifold vs Trifold Wallet: Which Suits you?

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A common question when choosing between a Bifold or Trifold wallet is which one suits me best, both in terms of looks and requirements. This post aims to help clear up your thoughts so that you have a better idea of what you’re looking for. The first thing to answer is what are Bifold and Trifold Wallets.

Bifold vs Trifold Wallet: Which Suits you?

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What is a Bifold Wallet

A Bifold wallet is a wallet that folds in half. There is one fold line in the wallet which runs down the middle. Bi means two, in terms of a wallet, this means folds in two. Usually, these wallets have card slots on both sides and an ID compartment on one of the sides.

What is a Trifold Wallet

A Trifold wallet means that the wallet folds into three, Tri meaning three. There are three sections to the wallet, each usually containing card slots and typically one with an ID compartment.

What are the main differences between Bifold and Trifold wallets?

Between the two types of wallets, there are several typical design differences. Of course, these aren’t true for every wallet but are “the standard” that you’d expect to find.


  • Fold outwards once
  • Slimmer design
  • Smaller capacity
  • May have a larger front face


  • Folds outwards twice
  • Bulkier design
  • Larger capacity
  • Smaller front view design.
  • Trifold wallets are usually thicker and chunkier than Bifold wallets. Some people find this more authoritative and prefer the feel of this.
  • Bifold wallets are typically slimmer and sleeker than the Trifold alternative. As a result, you may feel Bifold wallets are more stylish and appealing.
  • As Bifold wallets are typically smaller they can be lighter and comfier while carrying, if you carry a wallet in your trouser or jacket pocket this is something to bear in mind.

So these are the high-level differences in looks between the two designs, and hopefully, this has already helped you decide if you’d prefer one or the other. If not here are a few more details that may help you choose

Other factors to consider while choosing Trifold or Bifold wallets

How many cards may you need to carry

This is quite a simple decision factor in reality, and one which can rule out a lot of wallets in your decision process. If you carry a lot of cards such as insurance, medical or just have lot of bank cards you are likely to require a Trifold wallet.

Fashion or Function

Typically Bifold wallet are more fashionable than Trifold wallets but this is entirely personal preference and there are some really great looking wallets of both types. If you need to show multiple forms of identification on a regular basis then Trifold wallets are more likely to suit you, as some Trifolds have multiple ID compartments whereas Bifold typically only have the one.

RFID Protection

This may be one which you haven’t thought about but is extremely important. If any of your cards use Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) then you really need a wallet that has RFID protection. To read more about RFID crime and RFID protected wallets please read our RFID blocking wallets review.

Alternatively you can protect a non RFID wallet with an RFID Blocking Card or RFID Blocking Sleeves

Bill Compartment

If you’re a person who prefers to pay using bills instead of on card then you need a bill compartment. Both wallets typically have room for cash and both are usually the same size although some trifold will have more space.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this has helped you choose which wallet suits your lifestyle best. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference, both types of wallets are brilliant in their own way. Whatever you choose just please make sure it has RFID protection to keep your money safe. Our personal favorite Trifold is by Mt Eston and is the wallet I use daily. A great Bifold wallet that is in a class of its own is Tommy Hilfiger Slim Leather Wallet.

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