Best Water Aerobics Shoes for Men and Women

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Interested in burning some calories but don’t feel like getting covered in sweat? Try water aerobics. Not only do you expend plenty of energy while moving around a pool, but you also tone your muscles, enhance your flexibility, and stay cool. Water aerobics is popular with people of all ages, from those who are looking for something new to those who have joint issues or are recovering from injuries. But, regardless of who you are, you are going to need one piece of equipment: water aerobics shoes.

The best water aerobics shoes are going to provide you with plenty of support around the ankles and make moving around a bit easier. You won’t have to worry about slipping or getting your feet scraped on the rough bottom of a pool, either.

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Best Water Aerobics Shoes for Men and Women

What Are Water Aerobics?

A water aerobics class can be a fun and a less jarring way to get in shape. Typically done in the shallow section of the pool, water aerobics takes you through several exercises that can use either bodyweight or fitness equipment. Most classes last about an hour. There are different circuits, such as weight training and cardio. Such circuits include exercises like kickboard swimming, aqua jogging, bicep curls, and so on.

Water aerobics is excellent for beginners, seniors, and pregnant women. Because of this, aqua shoes are often recommended for safety and comfort.

Don’t know how to swim? Don’t worry. Water aerobics classes never go into the deep section of the pool. Also, wherever you are attending the water aerobics class, there will be tools provided by the facility for you to use, such as pool noodles and kickboards, to help you.

What Are The Best Water Aerobics Shoes?

There are dozens of aqua shoes available online and in department or sporting good stores. As with regular shoes, you need to consider the fit and feel of the shoes. Some water aerobics classes are more high impact than others, so you are going to want a shoe that supports your movements in the water. Whether you are taking low-impact classes or doing something a bit more intense, we have looked at shoes that provide great traction and comfort. Plus, they look as good in the pool as they do walking along the beach.

Here are our top choices for the best water exercise shoes:

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Best Overall Water Aerobics Shoe: L-RUN Aqua Swim Walking Shoes

Since you should use aqua shoes for water aerobics, you are going to need a reliable pair of shoes that are highly rated. Enter the aqua walking shoes by L-RUN. These shoes come in a rainbow of colors and have a barefoot/minimalist design that will not weigh you down. Whether you are jogging on the beach or taking an Aqua Zumba class, these shoes by L-RUN are constructed to protect rough surfaces while providing incredible traction. The shoes are ultra-lightweight, breathable, and provide cross-ventilation for fast drying. Even though there are no drainage ports in the outer sole, the shoes do not hold onto moisture for long. They are also highly portable because you can fold them up and tuck them away.


  • Has a protective honeycomb rubber sole that is bendable and provides incredible grip
  • Convenient elastic band replaces traditional shoelaces
  • Excellent for mixed terrain conditions, as well as gravel and dirt
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Barefoot style with a cushioned heel
  • Affordable price


  • Shoes run slightly large, so make sure you look at the size chart
  • Elastic laces will stretch over time
  • Slightly slower to dry than other shoes due to lack of drainage insoles

Best Woman’s Water Aerobics Shoe: Feetmat Women’s Aqua Shoe

Ladies, if you are looking to start water aerobics, you are going to need more than a water slipper. The Feetmat Women’s Aqua Shoes is designed to be both fashionable and functional. The shoes feature elastic bands for convenience and security, and there is a pull tab at the heel to get your shoes on and off more quickly. The Feetmat water aerobics shoe also has full coverage for enhanced protection from sharp objects, while the bottom sole features drainage ports for breathability. Your feet stay cooler out of the water and won’t be dragged down once you take a dip.


  • Features a non-slip rubber sole with drainage holes
  • Breathable mesh upper will keep your feet cool and dry
  • Minimal chafing and blisters
  • Looks more like a sneaker than regular aqua shoes, so you can wear them outside of water aerobics
  • Not just for water aerobics! These can be used for walking, running, yoga, kayaking, swimming, volleyball, and more
  • Very lightweight


  • Not the most durable water shoe
  • May run a tad smaller than your average street shoe

Best Men’s Water Aerobics Shoe: ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Shoes

Looking for a shoe that looks as cool as they make your feet feel? Then check out the ALEADER Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Shoes. These are perfect examples of balanced construction quality and price. The hydrophobic mesh ventilates your feet when out of the pool, while the drainage pockets let water flow freely when in the water. ALEADER water aerobics shoes also feature a ComforDry sock liner that provides cushioning for your feet and more breathability. You will be amazed by how fast these aqua shoes dry. Whether you are wearing these shoes in the pool or going for a lakeside hike, you are going to love them.

** Note: Also available in women and children sizes. **


  • Breathable mesh
  • Slip-on design that makes putting on and taking off the shoes a breeze
  • The midsole is made of Solyte, making the shoe extremely lightweight yet supportive
  • Keeps your foot cool throughout the day
  • Quick-dry design
  • Affordable price for the overall quality of these aqua shoes


  • Slightly narrow, so if you need a wider size, you may need to order a bigger shoe
  • Arch and ankle support is not the best

Best Value Water Aerobics Shoe: Barerun Barefoot Aqua Shoe

If you are looking to save a little money, then consider the Barerun aqua sock. Unlike the other water aerobics shoes on this list, these are not designed for hiking and walking around. You can use the Barerun Barefoot Aqua Shoe on the beach to protect your feet from the burning sands, or you can go swimming with them. The main thing is that these shoes have incredible traction in and out of the pool. The soles are made with high-quality rubber, so you never have to worry about slipping. Another reason these are great aqua shoes is the smooth neck that protects your ankles from chafing. Never worry about blisters again. You can also roll these shoes up and pack them into a bag or suitcase for travel.


  • Numerous unisex designs—everyone can find color and style they enjoy
  • Thick rubber sole protects your feet from sharp or rough objects in the pool or on the beach
  • Nylon upper fabric is breathable and soft
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Flexible and stretchable for a snug fit


  • The inner sole is prone to move around and can be annoying
  • The size chart is confusing
  • Not the most durable shoe (you get what you pay for)
  • Not made for wider feet

Buyer’s Guide For Finding The Best Water Aerobics Shoes

As mentioned earlier, the best water aerobics shoes are going to fit and feel like a regular sneaker. You want them to be comfortable because you are going to be moving around in them a lot. Be sure to compare plenty of products before making your final decision. There are many types of water shoes available but not all suitable for water aerobics, there is a big market for water shoes for hiking and kayaking. But, here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a great pair of water aerobics shoes:


Seek out shoes that have fantastic traction. Durable rubber is the best material for getting the best grip in and out of the pool. Take a look at the traction pattern as well. There is a special science to the swirls and loops and squiggles on the bottom of your shoe. Honeycomb shaped soles like the ones on the L-RUN shoes are excellent for traction, but another great traction pattern is herringbone.


Water aerobics shoes should fit your foot snugly. If they have a lot of extra room they will slip around your foot while trying to grip in the water. That increases your risk of tripping over yourself. The feel of this will defeat the objective of wearing a water shoe. To avoid that, make sure your shoes have a closed heel and some kind of fastener, like Velcro, laces or drawstrings to make them tighter.

Feel and Fit

Aside from having a comfortable shoe, you want one that has plenty of cushioning and does not cause chafing when you walk with them around the pool. For example, the L-RUN shoes fit like a minimalist or barefoot hiking shoe, providing flexibility and durability. Your heel and arches are supported by the insole, and you do not have to worry about shoelaces coming untied.

If you do not like the sneaker designer, you can opt for something that looks more like an aqua sock, such as the Barerun Aqua Shoe mentioned above.

Arch Support

This is something to prioritize when shopping around the best water aerobics shoes. Arch support is needed due to the hard ground of a pool. Even though water makes you more buoyant, you can still hurt your feet if they are not supported enough.


You want water aerobic shoes that have an efficient drainage system. That is why you cannot wear regular aerobics sneakers in the pool, because they would soak up water and retain it for too long, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. The best water aerobics shoes will be able to drain quickly. For example, the ALEADER shoes for men have ports in the sole, allowing water to pass through.

To dry your shoes even faster, make sure you put them somewhere with decent ventilation.

Lightweight Materials

Since water aerobics are done in the pool, you will want a shoe that does not soak up water and weigh you down. Look for lightweight materials, like neoprene and mesh, that let you move as freely as possible. Do not purchase a shoe for water aerobics if it contains absorbent materials, like cotton.

Keep in mind that, while water aerobics shoes are naturally buoyant, you should not count on them to act as a life-preserving device in the water.


Each of the options we’ve reviewed is really great water aerobic shoes and whichever you choose I’m sure you’ll love them. Our personal favorites are the L-RUN Aqua Swim Walking Shoes.

FAQ About Water Aerobics Shoes

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best water aerobics shoes and why they are so important.

How do I clean water aerobics shoes?

When your shoes are plunged into the chlorinated depths of the swimming pool, you might think they are staying clean; but pool water is not always the most sanitary. After a water aerobics class or hiking along trails, you are going to need to clean your shoes. Not only does that prevent bacteria accumulation, but it also maintains the life of your aqua shoes.

The biggest mistake you can make after a water aerobics class is to put your waterlogged shoes into a closed pouch or compartment. The problem here is the lack of ventilation, which results in odors.

Cleaning your water aerobics shoes is easy. Most shoes can be put into a wash bag and cleaned in the washing machine. However, if the material does not seem like it will hold up in a washing machine, you can soak the shoes in hot water with some anti-bacterial soap or a mild detergent. If your shoes are made of neoprene, you will need a specific neoprene-friendly formula.

How do I dry my water aerobics shoes?

The best way to dry water aerobics shoes is to leave them somewhere with airflow. Do not leave your shoes somewhere closed off. If you can, leave your shoes outside. Otherwise, you can place your aqua shoes in front of a fan or use a blow dryer.

Can I do water aerobics barefoot?

Yes, you can, but it is always safer to do a water aerobics class in the appropriate shoes. Water aerobics classes mean you are moving around the pool. Many classes also include “aqua jogging,” which is a blend of jogging and swimming, and the ground of the pool may either be slippery or rough enough to injure your foot. Sometimes, even standing in one place means slipping around. With water aerobics shoes, you can prevent sliding and slip, since the rubber soles provide better traction.

What are the benefits of water aerobics shoes?

Aside from helping you stay upright in the pool as people move around and create currents, wearing shoes means getting in a better workout. Water aerobics shoes are excellent for aqua jogging because the wearer gets a better grip on the pool’s flooring. You will be able to move faster.

Another benefit of water aerobics shoes is for foot hygiene while walking around the pool area, especially if you are susceptible to contracting foot fungi that can be found in fitness centers and locker rooms.