Best Solar Flood Lights For Garden Security

by Product Review Lad | Last Updated: July 5, 2020

There’s no denying that sustainable energy is the way forward for a better future. That’s why more people are opting for solar lighting, in particular solar flood lights, because they want to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

But that’s not the only reason people have decided to transition to renewable energy. Solar energy is extremely cost-effective and easier to maintain. Having security floodlights on all evening using mains electricity would be expensive but with solar-powered products, you’re able to save a small fortune. 

You’re able to place as many solar powered flood lights around your home without a huge electricity bill at the end of the month; you can kit out your home, added security while reducing your carbon footprint and saving on money. 

So, what solar powered outdoor security lights do you opt for? We’ve listed the top 8 solar powered security flood lights on the market. Additionally, we provide you with an informative buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the correct product. 

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Best Solar Flood Lights – Reviews

To find the best solar flood lights we reviewed over 30 different brands and models. These ranged from cheaper budget lights through to expensive premium-priced lights.

1. Sunbonar Solar Flood Lights

The Sunbonar the best solar security flood lights and is very versatile as you can install them in several ways, for example:

  • To illuminate large areas, you can mount the Sunbonar flood light high up. Perhaps on a wall or post.
  • The Sunbonar lights also come with two ground spikes so you can place them on your lawn. Use them to illuminate walkways and light up garden features.
  • To light up pool areas or tennis courts you can mount onto a fence.

Sunbonar’s solar panel and light are connected via a 16.4ft cable. This means you’re able to place the solar panel away from the light, optimizing solar energy while lighting the exact area you want lit.

When purchasing there is the option to buy with or without motion sensors. Personally, it would be recommended to buy the lights with motion detection as they’re more intelligent in operation so last longer per charge. The lights with motion sensors light at 30% power until they detect motion when they light fully, maximizing charge utilization. The sensor detects with a 120-degree vision and detects between 16.4-23.3ft.

The non-motion sensor lights are controlled via the on-off switch located on the light, this really isn’t practicable if mounted high up. It’s only advisable to buy the non-motion sensor light if you have easy access to the light or if you want the light to come on each night once dark. Lighting times will vary depending on the geographical location. Once light levels drop below a certain level the solar flood lights will automatically turn on.

Solar Flood Light Lighting Area

This flood light can be used indoors and outdoors. Sunbonar is great for lighting driveways.


Sunbonar’s solar flood lights produce between 800 and 1000 lumens. When fully charged, and can provide up to 10 hours of light. 

The floodlight has 120 LEDs and uses an energy management chip to optimizing lighting time and brightness. As a result, Sunbonar floodlights are extremely bright. They are known to be the brightest LED solar flood lights on the market, making them perfect for security use. 

What Batteries Does it Take?

The Sunbonar comes with one Lithium-ion battery pack with a 6,600mAh capacity, consisting of three 3.7v 18650 batteries at 2,200mAh.

Size and Durability

This light comes with a large 6W solar panel, which can be positioned remotely as it isn’t fixed to the solar security flood light.

The light has dimensions of 7.68″ x 5.51″ x 1.57″, made with tempered glass with aluminum housing and a painted metal bracket. Sunbonar’s floodlight is also waterproof to the IP65 rating so is waterproof to water jets from any angle. Meaning it can be used in any weather conditions but could be susceptible to extreme weather. 

Sunbonar’s solar panel has dimensions of 11.42″ x 8.07″ x 0.75″ which makes it a lot bigger than the actual floodlight. As you can place the panel remotely it’s more convenient when you want to install the product.

The solar panel is poly-crystalline with an Aluminum alloy casing with a strong stainless steel bracket. Both light and solar panel can be adjusted 180° making it easier to illuminate where you want to. 


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Made with premium materials for durability
  • Easy to install 
  • Great customer service


  • Can dim slightly after a several few months
  • Light sensor can be triggered by passing car lights.

2. Sunforce 82183 Solar Motion Light

The Sunforce solar motion light is a triple head security light that can be mounted on any wall or pole. The side lamps are fully adjustable so you can have light shining in three different directions. 

It has a motion sensor integrated into the product that switches the lights on immediately when movement is detected. The detection range is up to 30 ft. The motion sensor is located below the central light and is also fully adjustable. Meaning you can focus the sensor where most movement will be detected.

One key advantage of the Sunforce security floodlights is the solar panel can still charge the batteries when not in direct sunlight. Meaning some charge will be collected even on cloudy days. This is due to using an amorphous solar panel.

Sunforce lights come with several settings for lighting times. You can set the solar flood lights to stay on for 30, 60 or 120 seconds after motion is detected. There is also an override switch which puts the light on for testing.

Solar Flood Light Lighting Area

Sunforce’s triple head floodlights are versatile as they can be used to light wide areas. Because the side lamps are fully adjustable it will cover a wider area than most. Sunforce is great for lighting patios, small gardens and driveways.


The Sunforce solar floodlights come with 180 bright white LED lights that produce up to 1200 lumens.

Adjusting the amount of time the lights stay on, can save on energy. The lights charge will last longer if on for shorter periods, this may be required for long winter nights. 

What Batteries Does it Take?

This light uses 3 AA batteries to store charge and power the lights, the batteries that come as standard have a capacity of 1,800 each, totalling 5,400mAh. If you wish its simple to change the batteries to ones with larger capacity, maximise lighting time depending on availability of light.


The Sunforce solar LED floodlight is made from durable white plastic, which is resistant to color fading. Sunforce’s comes with a solar panel and 15-ft. cable. The solar panel is separate from the floodlight so you can place it anywhere for easy installation. 

Sunforce’s solar flood light is fully weather resistant. The solar flood light also comes with mounting hardware to make it easy to install the product yourself. 


  • Adjustable side lamps
  • Weather-resistant build
  • Very bright
  • Wide lighting area


  • The motion sensor is slightly narrow visioned

3. Hikeren Solar Spotlight

Hikeren is a solar outdoor security spotlight, it comes with a large polycrystalline solar panel. The solar panel is separate from the floodlight so it can be positioned for maximum sunlight. Hikeren solar panel is highly efficient converting up to 20% of energy. Although this sounds low, as solar panels go this is the cutting edge. 

Hikeren solar spotlight doesn’t use a motion detector, it simply has an on off switch. This means there is no control of the the light intensity which is a slight drawback. With being a spotlight the durability is brilliant, lasting up to 18 hours if the batteries are fully charged. The light will not last nearly as long if there is limited sunlight.

Solar Flood Light Lighting Area

As this is a spotlight and not a floodlight the lighting area is much more focused and smaller. As a result this light is not appropriate for lighting a whole garden or yard but much more suited for an alleyway or path.

The solar spotlight has a high IP rating meaning good waterproofing. It is still advisable to protect the light as much as possible from extreme weather conditions, helping preventing premature failures. The most common place to mount this floodlight is outside any entrances to your property, garage doors, patios and front gates. 


Hikeren’s security solar spotlight has 30 LED lights integrated into the product. The lumen rating isn’t listed but is a very bright spotlight.

What Batteries Does it Take?

The Hikeren light has a 4,400mAh capacity battery system, comprising of two 3.7V 18650 Lithium ion batteries.

Size and Durability

The dimensions of the Hikeren spotlight are 5.1” x 4.7” x 3.5”. This solar spotlight’s is made from durable high-impact ABS plastic. The manufacturer is so confident in the quality of their product that they offer a 3 year warranty.

The polycrystalline solar panel has dimensions of 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 3.5″ and has an adjustable stand for positioning. The solar panel charges efficiently throughout the day so that Hikeren spotlight can have consistent power throughout the night. 


  • Easy to mount
  • Good build quality
  • 3 year warranty
  • Very efficient solar panel


  • Spotlight not flood light
  • Small sized light

4. YQL Solar Street Security Floodlight

This YQL solar floodlight is an impressive product, with amazing quality and waterproofing. In fact, this is the best solar lights for flood-prone areas with an impressive IP67 rating! The manufacturer backs their product so much that they offer a 2-year warranty.

This light doesn’t use a motion sensor which may not suit everyone, but it has many light settings and two handy remote controls. When fully charged YQL floodlight stays on for an impressive 16 to 20 hours.

As with other lights the solar panel is separate from the light via a 16.4ft cable, meaning it can be installed where required. This light is intended to be mounted on a pole or wall. Unlike most competitors YQL provide a high quality bracket for pole mounting.

**Note: the price shown above is for their largest light**

Solar Flood Light Lighting Area

YQL comes in a choice of three power sizes, 25W, 40W, 60W & 100W. Each has a different manufacturers recommended lighting area, which is extremely usefully when deciding which to buy. The manufactures recommendations are as follows:

As mentioned before YQL is very versatile as you can use it inside your home as well as outside. For inside use, the solar floodlight is suited to illuminate sheds, workshops, attics and basements to list a few.

There are settings for 3, 5 & 8 hour lighting which come on at the same time each day, switching the light on when you press the relevant button on the remote. The light has an automatic mode, switching the light on at dusk and off at dawn (dusk to dawn light). YQL has a force on/off setting, turning the light on at any time of day or night. It will only switch off once the button is pressed again or the battery has been depleted. This setting is perfect for inside use.

You can also change the intensity of the lights, this is controlled via the remote and has 10 levels to select from. This is brilliant for giving you the light level you need an helps prolong the lighting time of a charge. This is particularly useful for the winter months.


The 100W YQL security floodlight is integrated with 208 LED chips, while the 25W version has 54. The 40W utilizes 80 LED chips and 100 for the 60W light. The lights have a remote control for selecting the settings, this light has much more control options than competitors.

Using the settings will allow you to save on energy consumption. The lights will last longer and will need less charge depending on the duration of time you set the lights to work. 

What Batteries Does it Take?

The 100W security solar floodlight uses six 3.2v aluminum iron phosphate batteries. Each with a 6,000mAh capacity, totaling a huge 36,000mAh, the largest by far of the lights reviewed. These batteries are the sole reason the lights last 16 – 20 hours. The manufacturer states that the batteries have a life of 1,500 cycles, slightly longer than 4 years.

The battery capacity for each YQL light are as follows:

Size and Durability

YQL 100w product dimensions for the light is 11.65″ x 13″ x 6.6″ and it’s made from premium material that’s completely weather resistant. The front of the lamp is integrated with tempered glass and it has a waterproof IP67 classification. The housing is entirely aluminum and is coated with black paint. The quality of this light is second to none.

The Solar panel has dimensions of 13.78″ x 22.84″ x 6.50″


  • High IP rating
  • Huge battery capacity
  • Good product range
  • Versatile light that can be used for more than one application
  • Sturdy build
  • Made with durable weatherproof materials


No motion detection

5. LePower Solar Flood Lights

The LePower product is a double solar powered floodlight used for outdoor security. It’s integrated with a motion sensor that switches the lights on when movement is detected. The motion sensor has a supposed range of 46 ft. and can pick up movement within 180° in front of the device. 

LePower comes with a durable solar panel that is separate from the lamps. This means you can install the solar panel anywhere there is the most sunlight. There is a 15-ft. cord that attaches the lamps to the solar panel to charge the batteries. 

The solar panel is amorphous silicon based. These types of panel are less efficient than the standard poly-crystalline silicon solar panels but, have better charging potential on overcast days. If the lights are located where sunlight hours are lower these lights may be a better choice.

The lights don’t stay on all night and will only be switched on when the motion sensor detects movement, saving on energy consumption and maximising time with charge . 

You can set the duration of time you’d like the lamps to stay on after motion has been detected. The settings are 30, 60 and 120 seconds much like the Sunforce light.

One of the many advantages of the motion sensor is that it will only detect the movement of humans, animals and moving cars.

Solar Flood Light Lighting Area

LePower’s double solar security flood lights are suited for outside applications, although it would be advisable to protect the solar and light fixtures from severe weather conditions. The light can also be used to provide light inside garages, sheds, and stables to save electricity. You can use the security floodlights to illuminate high-risk areas such as driveways and gateways. 


The LePower double head solar security lights have two LED lights that produce 1500 lumens. LePower’s LED lights are durable and powerful enough to light large spaces. 

What Batteries Does it Take?

The product comes with two 3.7V 18650 Lithium ion batteries rated at 1,500mAh each totalling a 3000mAh capacity. An 18650 is a type of battery similar to AA only larger in size and higher voltage. The batteries are simple to replace which may be required after a few years of use. To do this follow the supplied instructions. The battery capacity is the main drawback of these lights and one key reason for not ranking higher.

Size and Durability

It’s made with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene materials. LePower’s security floodlights are durable and weather resistant with an IP65 classification. 

LePower’s solar panel is made with amorphous silicon that is highly durable and won’t crack or tarnish in the sun. It’s also fully adjustable and easy to mount. The panel is plugged into the lamp using a 15-ft. cord so you can install the solar panel where desired. 


  • Only detects humans, animals and cars
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to mount
  • Great customer service


  • Less efficient than other solar lights
  • Small battery capacity
  • Motion detector appears to be intermittent for some lights

6. Westinghouse Solar Flood Lights

The Westinghouse Solar Flood Lights is a security device with an integrated motion detector and solar panel. Like the other reviewed lights the solar panel is separate from the light with a 9.4ft cable. Shorter than most competitors.

This solar security flood light is small and easy to mount onto any wall, pole or doorway. 

Westinghouse’s floodlight and motion is now adjustable. This means you can move the light and the motion detector to point in different directions. The motion sensor can detect movement in a range of up to 130° and to 39 ft. in distance.

Solar Flood Light Lighting Area

The small yet extremely powerful Westinghouse solar floodlight can be used for several applications. The light is easy to mount and can be used in a variety of locations.

The lights come with a permanently on option meaning when it goes dark the lights can be switched on even when no motion is detected. The lights will last up to 3 hours depending on how much energy the solar panel has collected.


The Westinghouse solar light is integrated with 80 bright LED lights producing 2000 lumens, the brightest of the reviewed lights. Like several of the lights you can adjust the time duration the lights stay on selecting either 30, 60 or 120 seconds. 

What Batteries Does it Take?

Westinghouse uses a 3.7v battery system with a capacity of 4,000mAh.

Size and Durability

Made from plastic and cast aluminum housing this light holds an IPX4 rating, the lowest rating of the lights reviewed. It’s relatively weather resistant but be aware of water getting into the light and electrics. If possible try and protect the light from heavy environmental conditions to minimize the chance of water ingress. This is the sole reason for the low ranking in the reviews.

Just like LePower, the solar panel is made with amorphous silicon. It’s also fully waterproof and it can trickle charge the lamps even when there’s cloud coverage. 


  • Easy to install
  • Produces a bright light
  • Motion sensor only detects animals, humans and cars


  • The time duration settings can be a weak point
  • Wire connections can be ill fitting
  • Lower build quality than some competitors

7. Glorious-Lite Solar Flood Lights

The Glorious-Lite product is a security device with a motion detector, two lamps and a solar panel. Both of the lamps are adjustable so you can point the lights in different directions.

Glorious-Lite’s motion sensor can detect movement with 180°with a range up to 49-ft. distance. The sensor is also flexible so you can adjust the position of the device. You simply need to make sure there are no other infrared lights in front of the sensor as it can affect the capabilities of the device. 

Solar Flood Light Lighting Area

Since these are security floodlights with a motion sensor, they’re more suitable for outdoor use. Install the Glorious-Lite solar floodlights outside garage doors, driveways and any entrances to your house. Making unlocking your house much simpler in the dark.


Each lamp has bright LED bulbs that produce 950 lumens, although its one of the lowest lumen lights it still produces a lot of light. The Glorious-Lite lamps also come with a built-in Led chip for a higher brightness output. The color temperature for these lights is between 5000-5500k which produces a bright white illumination. 

You can adjust the duration of time you’d like the lamps to stay on when motion has been detected. Like the other lights the settings are also 30, 60 and 120 seconds. Additionally, the lights have a permanently on option. Depending on state of charge when switched on, the lights will last up to an hour.

What Batteries Does it Take?

The Glorious-Lite motion sensor security lights come with one rechargeable lithium ion battery with a power of 3.7V, 1500 mAh. This is the smallest battery of all the lights reviewed and a key reasons for it ranking last. The battery can be replaced with a larger one if you wish to potentially extend this duration, depending on light availability.

Size and Durability

The lights are made with durable ABS+PC material that is waterproof (IP65). Glorious-Lite’s solar panel is made with amorphous silicon that won’t crack in the sun. The solar panel is also weather resistant and can withstand strong winds, rainfall, snow and hail. 


  • Produces a bright light
  • Adjustable lamps and motion detector
  • Can be used for more than one application
  • 1 Year warranty


  • Small battery
  • Small solar panel
  • Motion detector can be intermittent

Best Solar Flood Light Buyers Guide

What Area do You Want to Illuminate?

The most important aspect to consider when buying a solar security floodlight is what area it needs to light up. This will help you select the correct solar flood light you need according to the following:

There are many solar flood light applications meant for specific areas of a building. But manufacturers are developing floodlights that are versatile and can be used anywhere. So what area do you need to illuminate and what are the differences in each application? Let’s find out.

Backyard, Patios and Garden

Some people have large properties. The bigger your yard, the more difficult it will be to see beyond a certain point when it’s dark. Having garden accessories such as fountains or statues can also make it difficult to scan your garden or back yard for threats. 

You can use solar floodlights to illuminate your entire yard at night. The brighter the light the more potential the product has to eliminate casted shadows from trees and walls. This will make it easier for you to check the area. 

Driveways, Garages, Parking Lots or Walkways

Using LED solar lights is perfect for larger areas such as parking lots. Business owners with parking lots need brighter lights for larger areas to help people find their cars at night. It’s also a safety measure so people can see where they’re walking. Additionally, this is especially important for protecting business from thieves and potentially lowering insurance costs.

LED solar flood lights can also be used for confined spaces such as driveways. The brightness won’t need to be as intense but potentially requires wider lighting angles depending on light positioning (height and directional). The lower the height of the light fixture the wider angle required.

Rural Areas or buildings with No Electricity

There are some communities that have no electricity or it is to expensive to run electricity to a property. This can be a safety hazard at night especially for cars driving around the area at sundown. Solar powered flood lights can be used in certain rural places to illuminate hazardous areas such as the following: 

Your Front Door

Placing a solar LED light above your front door is an added security measure. If you receive a knock at the door late at night, you’ll be able to see exactly who it is. It’s also best to pair your front door solar light with motion sensors. The lights will turn on immediately when the motion sensors detect any movement by your front door.  Lights to illuminate your front door are very handy when trying to unlock the door at night. These lights do not want to be as bright as most solar flood lights as this can daze yourself and others.

Different Parts of a Building or House

People with large properties such as a big house or a company use solar LED floodlights to illuminate dark areas. These dark areas can be behind bushes, trees, between narrow walls, behind statues or water fountains among others. 

Premium bright LED solar flood lights can be positioned anywhere around large properties to light up these dark areas. 

What Type of Solar Light Do you Need?

There are six different types of solar floodlights used for various purposes. As mentioned before the type of product you select will determine what specifications you need to light up an area. 

Security Flood Lights

Security floodlights are probably the most popular solar-powered lights. This is because security floodlights usually have a motion sensor integrated into the product. The motion sensor detects any movement at night which immediately switches the floodlights on. 

Having security lights with motion sensors saves on energy consumption as the solar lights aren’t on throughout the evening. The lights only switch on when there’s movement so the charge will last longer and brightness can be more intense. 

Security floodlights also tend to be brighter than any other solar floodlight. They need to maximize the area illuminated around your property, meaning that you see if there are any potential threats. 

Some security solar floodlights have settings that allow you to adjust the following:

Security floodlights are more convenient because they inform you when there’s any movement in the yard. Having the lights on all night can also be beneficial but you won’t know if there are any potential threats unless you look for them yourself. Additionally, having lights on all night increases light pollution and may be an annoyance to you and others.

Flood Lights Without Motion Sensor

Solar flood lights without motion sensors are used in extremely dark environments needing constant light. As these lights need to run throughout the night larger capacity solar panels and batteries are required.

All-in-One Fixture

Some solar lights have panels that are remote to the lights, optimizing sunlight hours, and energy stored. All-in-one fixture solar floodlights have the solar unit and motion sensor manufactured with all the parts integrated inside the device; this means they can’t be detached from the light fixture. 

The only disadvantage of these lights is you can’t place the solar panel where there’s the most sunlight. The motion sensor isn’t detachable so the lights have to focus on this area. But the advantage is the lights are easier to install, can be more robust, and less susceptible to damage. 

External Solar Panel

External solar panel lights are different from the all-in-one fixture because the parts come separately. The solar panel is positioned for maximum sunlight conversion, while lights are focused to illuminate a specific area. 

The external solar panel can be a bit trickier to install, but they’re better valued for money as the lights will charge more throughout the day and provide enough light for the evenings. External solar panel powered floodlights are the same as security applications as it has motion sensors and they’re brighter than most products. 

Landscape Solar Flood Lights

Landscape solar floodlights are positioned high, illuminating large sections of land. This type of lighting is around the same brightness as security floodlights. They’re mostly used to stay on throughout the night, but can be integrated with motion sensors.

Usually, landscape floodlights are for lighting the following:

You can install landscape floodlights under roofs or higher up on a wall so it can light up more ground space. 

Hybrid Flood Lights

Hybrid floodlights are manufactured with a solar panel and mains electrical wiring. When the batteries run out of power mains power takes over control.

Brightness of Solar Flood Lights

Before purchasing your solar floodlights, you should check to see how many lumens (a measurement of visible light) your product produces. You can get lights that cover a small area around 300 lumens, or you can purchase a product that’s bright enough to light up a larger area 800 lumen plus. The larger the area the brighter and typically wider angled the light needs to be.

If you’re looking to light up a small dark corner of your yard, then you’ll need a light that has fewer lumens. It all depends on how dark the environment is and how much brightness you need to illuminate the area. 

Battery Types for Solar Flood Lights

There are four types of batteries used to power solar floodlights, they are:

LifeP04 and lead-acid batteries are found in the expensive and industrial solar floodlight brands, these applications are larger and last longer. 

In smaller applications, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries are used as they require less power and capacity. Smaller lights are used for illuminating areas such as garage doors, front gates, or areas with security cameras.

Typically, you’ll find solar lights use lithium iron as they have the perfect characteristics for charging and discharging while having a good lifespan too.


As you can see there are different types, sizes, and functions of each reviewed solar floodlight. To select the product that fits your needs you simply need to look at the size of the area you want to illuminate and how much energy you’d like to save. 

The products that have adjustable settings and remote control access will definitely make it more convenient for you to control your solar floodlights. 

Solar flood lights are practical, easy to install and they’re cost-effective. Install solar flood lights if you’re looking to provide extra security around your home or business and save on energy at the same time.

Hopefully, this article has provided the information you require to help make an informed decision when purchasing solar flood lights. If you have any questions, recommendations, or anything else then please contact me via my contact page.

Product Review Lad


Are solar flood lights bright enough?

Solar flood lights are definitely bright enough. You can purchase solar lights according to the brightness you prefer. The only aspect to consider is the brighter the solar lights the more energy they will consume. The solar flood lights will need more charging time as well as a bigger solar panel, so expect to pay extra.

What are lumens?

A lumen is a measurement of light. The amount of lumens determines the brightness of the product. Solar flood lights come in variations of lumens that range from 200 to 5000. The more lumens a solar flood light has, the brighter it will be. 

Do solar flood lights stay on throughout the night?

Solar lights can be left on throughout the evening but it’s simply up to you. Some solar flood lights have settings that allow you to adjust the times of when you want the lights to be on or off. It also depends on how large the solar panel is and the charging time of the batteries along with location and daylight hours. 

Your solar panels will charge during the course of the day. But depending on the quality of the product your lights will last all night. The brightness of the lights and the charging capabilities will affect the time your solar lights stay on. So, it’s always best to make use of the timer settings on your solar floodlights. 

Is it difficult to install the solar panels?

The simplicity of installation depends on the type of solar lights you’re using. Some products have the solar panel attached to the light and can be placed above the fixture. You can install these types of solar flood lights yourself because it’s very simple to mount. 

If you’re opting for a larger solar flood light kit, you may need the help of professionals to install them depending on how practical you are. The larger solar light kits are better value because the lights are brighter, and last longer. Typically, the solar panel is separate from the light, so you have the choice of where to install it. Be sure to install the panel where there’s the most sunlight. 

How bright should the solar flood lights be?

To determine the brightness of the lights you need to consider the area you want to illuminate. The darker the area the brighter the solar floodlights need to be. Security lights are typically 700 to 1300 lumens. If you’re opting for motion sensor products, they’ll be dimmer than security lights as they range between 300 and 700 lumens.

It all depends on the type of solar lights you opt for and their purpose. As previously mentioned solar flood lights come in a range of lumens so choose the brightness you need.