RFID blocking and jamming products are becoming more of a necessity due to the rise in contactless card crime. Credit card skimming is becoming a much larger issue with the increasing use of contactless cards. Card skimming is where an unauthorised person gets your card details using a RFID reader near your bank cards. A skimmer is a small device like that of a card machine you get in Walmart. These devices are typically a lot smaller and are usually concealed. 

Credit card fraud is currently rising by an alarming rate. According to the Evening Standard, in the UK during 2017 there was 1,440 cases of contactless card fraud, this rose to 2,739 cases in the first 10 months of 2018. A staggering increase of 128% in one year, and this figure can be expected to only increase further.

There are several products available to buy which help stop card skimming. They are RFID blocking wallets, purses, sleeves, and cards. Wallets, purses and sleeves work by acting as a Faraday cage creating a screen around your cards which stops electromagnetic fields interacting with the cards. The RFID blocking / jamming cards are the same shape and size as a regular credit card and interfere with signals from a card reader and block transactions.

This article focuses on RFID blocking / jamming cards, if you want the best available wallets, purses or card sleeves check out this article.

What are RFID blocking / jamming cards and how do they work

RFID blocking / jamming cards are shaped like a standard credit or debit card but, can vary on thickness due to design and the technology used. Typically, these cards help protect your credit, debit and bank cards along with driving licences and passports. These devices all operate on 13.56MHz frequency, the same as RFID blocking / jamming cards.

The cards typically, operate using two antennas and a jamming chip. The first antenna receives a signal given from a card reader, when detected the jamming chip comes into action. It emits RFID waves via the transmitting antenna, the waves given off are a noisy signal which the create the blocking / jamming effect.

The easiest way to check if your RFID blocking / jamming product works is to head to a supermarket. Follow the instructions that the supplier sends with their product, for a wallet, purse or card sleeve place your contactless card inside. For a RFID blocking / jamming card place the product inside of your wallet or purse and position your contactless cards in the adjoining card slots.

When you come to pay keep your payment card in your wallet/purse. Move your wallet/purse too the contactless payment machine and see if the card is read and payment taken. If the cards is not read or causes an error the blocking / jamming material works, if payment is taken then the blocking / jamming product is defective and ineffective.

The best RFID blocking / jamming cards

Below are my top ranked RFID blocking / jamming cards based on blocking ability, quality, warranty and customer service.

1. Signal Red

Signal red have produced a brilliant product with great blocking ability for all credit, debit cards along with driving licences and passports. The card has been manufactured to a high standard, and one card has the capabilities to protect your whole wallet or purse. If you have a large wallet or purse you may wish to purchase two cards to ensure maximum security. Along with the great product Signal Red also boast great customer service if any issues arise with their products. Click here to view

2. Vaultskin

Vaultskin offer probably the best RFID blocking ability of any card on the market. Unfortunately, that comes at a price, and that’s why Vaultskin have second place in my review. The blocking ability of Signal Red is nearly on par with Vaultskin but comes at a fraction of the cost. If you don’t mind paying the premium price then I’d definitely advice purchasing Vaultskin’s Vaultcard. This RFID blocking / jamming card claims to be 1000 stronger than than its competitors, due to superior antenna design, although I’m not sure how they get to this figure. Additionally, they claim to have no blind spots or unprotected zones to which I cannot disagree. Click here to view.

3. Smart Product

Smart Product’s RFID blocking / jamming card are one of only a few card who offers a warranty. It comes with a massive 5 year warranty, which shows how much they believe in there product. I found that the blocking ability was slightly lower than Signal Reds and hence the slightly lower overall score. Click to view here.

4. Koliang

Koliang have produced a good quality card, with good blocking ability. Their card is very compatible to that of smart product and other competitors. The reason I rank them lower due to the stock availability, sometimes this card is out of stock. For that reason I’ve penalised their overall score, which is a shame for an otherwise good quality card. Click here to view.

4. Ultrashang

Ultrashang’s RFID blocking card is very comparable to both Smart Product and Koliang. The quality and blocking capabilities between these three cards are almost exactly the same, with all of them receiving 8/10 for both scoring criteria. The reason for the lower ranking is down to customer service, Ultrashang are more difficult to contact than both Smart Product and Koliang. A great positive to this RFID blocking card is that you get two in a pack, meaning a spare for a friend or family member or for extra security if you wish. Click here to view.

6. RMS Unlimited Goods

Unfortunately, RMS Unlimited Goods have last place in my review of the best RFID blocking / jamming cards and there is one key reason for this. The blocking ability of this card is lower than its competitors, RMS recommend using two cards to provide sufficient blocking capabilities for peace of mind. Luckily you get two in a packet so one purchase is enough to protect one wallet/purse, but this takes up vital extra space when card slots aren’t readily available. They recommend using the outermost available card slots to create the strongest protection for your contactless cards within. Click here to view.

Hopefully this article has answered your RFID blocking / Jamming card questions as you require. If you have any questions, recommendations or anything else then please contact me via my contact page.

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Another type of RFID theft you may not be aware of is Relay Attack, a simple process which means your vehicle could be stolen very easily. Over half of all new vehicles registered in the USA are susceptible to this crime! Check out this page to show a simple way to help prevent this crime.

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