Best Reclining Camping Chair With Footrest

by Product Review Lad | Last Updated: October 26, 2020

Picture yourself sitting around a fire pit at your favorite summer campground surrounded by friends and family. You feel the warmth of the heat of the fire on your face creating a cozy hug of warmth. But you have a problem that distracts you from all these wonderful aspects of this scene. Your camp chair is uncomfortable, poking into your back, and has no head or footrest to help you relax. Not only does this ruin your night it can ruin your trip, due to back pain caused by bad posture while sitting. Well, no longer will you be faced with this issue. We’ve selected the best reclining camping chairs with footrests, helping you to enjoy all those great campground memories of laughing and talking around a campfire with all your loved ones.

With our guide, you’ll never be distracted by an awkward, uncomfortable, or even painful camp chair. Some of the reviewed chairs come with incredible features that make them stand out from other reclining camping chairs available. You can get a normal camping chair that is cheap and nearly disposable, or you can invest in a camp chair that you can fall asleep in. Not only that, you can wake up in the morning feeling alert and refreshed. Ready for what is planned for that day, whether it be fishing, exploring or a day on the lakes. The choice is up to you, but here is our guide to the best reclining camping chairs with footrests:

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Reviews of the Best Reclining Camping Chairs with Footrests

We set out to find the best of the best, when it came to reclining camping chairs. Reviewing features which are necessary to include, and those that are nice to have. In our eyes being able to recline and having a footrest help make the best camp chair possible. This way, you cannot only sit down, but also lay back and cuddle up with a warm blanket while around a campfire. With these two features, we now had a clear path to begin our search for the best camp chairs available on the market.

The reason we reviewed so many camp chairs was because we wanted to leave no stone unturned. We did not want to accidentally miss the next great camp chair by giving up too early in our search. We categorized, compared, and finally ranked them. So, without any further ado, here is what we found from all our efforts:

Best Reclining Camping Chair – Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner

This amazing oversized zero gravity chair from Timber Ridge will make your backside feel like it’s sitting on a floating cloud drifting through a lazy summer sky. It is that comfortable. Then, to add to this supreme comfort level, it was built-up to withstand weights of up to 350 lbs. This, coupled with the size of the chair, means that it will comfortably seat people of all sizes and shapes. Everyone from kids to grandparents will enjoy lounging around the campsite, tailgate party, or picnic in the park in this Cadillac of reclining camping chairs.

It has been manufactured with a super-strong steel tube frame that holds up a fully padded fabric seat suspended by elastic cordage for that weightless, floating feeling when you are seated in this incredible chair. The manufacturer produced this chair to be tough enough to withstand everyday use. You can confidently put this on your back porch or patio and be sure that it will hold up to years’ worth of constant use. In fact, Timber Ridge provides a fully encompassing 1-year warranty. Showing the fact that it was built to be tougher than the average folding camp chair.

This Zero Gravity Chair will recline from the fully upright position to fully reclined, using the patented locking mechanism. This recliner lock adjusts to absolutely any position with ease and is completely safe. The one-of-a-kind locking mechanism is completely robust and trustworthy for holding up the 350 lbs capacity. You can easily lay back and enjoy a view of the stars on a clear night or sit upright to watch your kids’ soccer game. In both positions, the chair will lock tightly and securely in place. It can do this while being able to easily adjust to the slightest degree recline of your choosing. All via a light pull of the well-placed lever that is neatly tucked away under the natural wood armrest.

Finally, not only does this chair function better than other camp chairs, it comes in four distinct color options:

Both the blue and navy blue, have accent colors mixed in, this really helps draw the eye’s attention. It is a unique dichotomy that just adds to this chair’s overall attraction.



Best Director Camp Chair: GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Director’s Chair

This is an amazing chair that is jam-packed with special and unique features. For starters, it has multiple add-ons included which helps it qualify for our “Best Of” list. After searching through a vast array of reclining director-style camp chairs we could not find another to rival GCI Outdoors. It quite literally chewed up the competition with its contemporary characteristics.

The first of these is the ottoman footrest. It is a completely separate piece of furniture that can be folded up using the patented SLIM-Fold design. Once folded it can be stored away in an easy-access side pocket of the chair itself. You can also leave the ottoman unfolded and set up but out of the way by simply sliding it under the chair where, by design, it fits perfectly.

The ottoman footrest is not the only great trait of this amazing chair design. There is also a fold-up side table that can quickly lock it into place. Perfect to hold drinks, your dinner, snacks, or a book, and everything in between. It’s a well-designed fold-out side-table that comes built-into the frame of this fold-up director’s reclining camping chair. Once you have the table available to you, you’ll begin to wonder how you got along on a picnic or camping trip without one. This table has a built-in cup holder, which is a supremely convenient feature, one which not all director chairs have.
Then you have the powder-coated steel frame that folds up extremely flat and is sturdy but also lightweight. When folded it’s transported effortlessly using an accessible handle to carry with ease. Finally, the backrest of the chair simply lays back into any one of three position settings and locks for the ultimate comfortable seating. So, kick back, put your feet up, set your plate on the table alongside your drink, and roast a marshmallow over the campfire with the kids. All while you sit in the most comfortable folding directors camping chair with a footrest that we could find because out of a huge number of options this was the best available.



Best Chair and Bed: KingCamp 4-Fold Oversize Folding Chaise Lounge Chair

With a fully laid-back design for a reclining camping chair, this chaise lounge chair offers the premier level of comfort. You can choose to sit with your feet propped slightly up or fully extended out in front of you. If this isn’t enough for you, then you can lay all the way down on a cot-like bed. Perfect for those cuddles as you snuggle up for a pleasant nap or a full night’s sleep. It makes the perfect option for a backyard lounge chair, a portable camping chair, or as a fold-up bed that you pull out when you have guests over to use as an extra bed. The triangle locking mechanism allows for the 4-fold feature that lets you have all these setup options.

Not only a comfortable lounging chair, but it’s also made of quality Oxford fabric with a soft PU cotton layer. The material is age-resistant, UV-resistant, waterproof, oil-resistant, and is at the pinnacle of softness. This amazing material makes up the body of the chair and is held up by a ruggedly tough powder-coated aluminum frame that connects together by a doubled up bungee system. This connection creates a weightless, zero-gravity feeling chair that is comfortable for anyone up to 330 lbs. So, even the largest of people can use this phenomenal lounge chair. Being able to sit and soak up some sun rays or lay down for a night’s rest.

Lounging on this reclining chair is easy as it’s 9 cm wider and 10 cm longer than the average lounge chair we reviewed. So, you will not feel squeezed on this model, and enjoy the freedom from the extra room it provides.

King Camp 4-fold, folds up tightly with a built-in handle so it can easily be transported and stored. You can fold and carry it easily because even though it was made to be sturdy, it’s also one of the lighter options. This is mainly due to the aluminum alloy on the less weight bearing posts. The manufacturer didn’t cost save on this with the powder-coated aluminum alloy posts. Which have a higher cost than the weight supporting powder coated steel alloy posts.

Finally, the backrest has more than a half dozen positions it can lay back or sit up into. It has a card-slot locking mechanism that makes it super safe from dropping or ever breaking. Instead, it will stay in the position you put it in until you move it in the correct way after removing weight from it and slide it into another locking card slot. Each slot makes the backrest into a different angle of recline.

Ultimately, this chair will do everything you could ever expect from a folding lounge chair and much more too. Check it out for yourself and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this astonishing reclining camping chair. There aren’t just great for camping, you’ll want one for your backyard too. Great for that yearly camp trip and holds up to anything you throw at it.



Best Light Weight Camp Chair: ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair

From those trusted folks over at ALPS Mountaineering comes the Escape Camp Chair. It’s a great folding camp chair with a removable footrest, something most competitors do not offer. This comes in handy when you want to snuggle up closer to the campfire on a cool autumn evening because you can remove the footrest and get closer without fear of burning the chair or catching fire. There are many other situations where you would just want a folding camp chair and wouldn’t need the footrest. In these cases, you could simply detach the footrest and leave it at home. Otherwise, it’s ready to be used at all times, whether you want your feet up or not you’ll be comfortable.

Not only is the footrest removable for your convenience, but it is also fully adjustable. This means you can adjust the height of the footrest in order to perfectly fit your body and sitting position. To adjust it, you just need to slide the webbing that holds it up through the clip either way. One direction raises the footrest, while the other direction lowers it away from the chair. No matter what position you enjoy sitting in, this chair can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.

The 6000 polyester fabric is immensely strong, and it hangs comfortably from the powder-coated steel frame. Both used specifically to be the most durable materials you can get in a folding chair. In fact, Alps Mountaineering believes so strongly in their product that (like with all their other products), they stand behind it fully by offering a product warranty. So, in the exceedingly rare case that you have an issue with your chair, they will repair or replace it for you.

As you relax in the chair you’ll quickly notice how comfortable it is and you may decide to lay back a bit by reclining the adjustable back. This camp chair offers phenomenal seating positions that you will fall in love with. The level of recline means you can enjoy many power naps because of the varying positions available.

Finally, this camp chair has a mesh cup holder to hold your drink while you kick back and relax. So, those summer days around the camp with your drink in hand will quickly become some of your favorite memories, all made possible with this chair.



Best Budget Camp Chair: Best Choice Products – Zero Gravity Reclining Chair

When you are looking for a new reclining camping chair, but need to stick to a tight budget, this is the best option for you. It is well priced, but definitely not cheaply made and the number of features this chair has is extensive. It amazed us how much the company named Best Choice Products (or BCP for short) actually turned out to provide just that. The best choice of camping chair, especially for those trying to get the most bang for their buck.

One of the more unique features of this wonderful chair is the awning that functions as a sunshade and rain protector to keep your head from being exposed to the elements. It is made up of strong, durable polyester material that keeps both sun and rain from reaching your upper body. It is not large and cumbersome, however, but rather is lightweight and made to be removed or added as you see fit. Also, for your head, there is a fully removable pillow that can attach to rest your head on while you kick back and relax in the chair.

Another great feature of this remarkable chair is the zero-gravity aspect of the chairs’ main body. It has a robust, UV resistant, textile mesh material that makes up the main portion of the chair that is suspended in mid-air by a doubled-up elastic cord.

Finally, the way that the chair adjusts to different seating positions is noteworthy and exceptional. You can change the way you sit in this ergonomic chair by just sliding back and forth as you lean back into the chair or up to get out of it. The chair will then lock into whatever position you find most comfortable, so you can stay put even when applying more pressure to the back by leaning back into the chair. This allows you to easily and simply move the ergonomically designed, zero-gravity body of the chair into any position. Everyone will be able to find an extraordinarily comfortable position in this folding camp chair.

It then folds up flat for quick and easy storage and transport. Anyone can handle this chair when folded because it is that lightweight. Also, anyone can fold the chair up into that position because it was designed to function smoothly with little force necessary to make it fold into the smallest form. As you can now see, this chair may be cheap on the wallet, but they did not skimp out on any of the wonderful features in the chairs design nor did they skimp on the products materials that make up its construction. It is a high dollar chair, for a low dollar price.



Buyer’s Guide

When you go to pick out a great camp chair to buy for yourself or for your family to enjoy, there are a few things you need to consider before making your final decision. If you want the perfect fitting chair for your situation, body type, comfort level, and in every other aspect, then you will need to think and plan ahead.

Adjustability for Comfort

The first thing to consider is the way the chair will fit you. This means having the right adjustment or adjustments to meet your needs. If you have a bad back, then look for a camp chair that adjusts in recline angle with multiple settings. That way, you can find the best position to relieve pressure on your back, easing your back pain while seated. Some chairs offer just a couple preset positions and others offer full control over the adjustment. If you often have trouble with the angle of the average chair, then you probably want to have full control. If you find yourself feeling comfortable in most chairs, then you may not need these features.

Weight of Reclining Camping Chair

Weight is important because you need a chair you can handle to transport, unfold, or adjust as needed. There is no point having a camping chair that requires a bodybuilder to move from place to place, or needs the grip of an arm wrestler to unfold. If camping a distance away from your vehicle you may want a chair that’s on the lightweight end of designs. There are many like this to choose from, especially on our list above. The lightest by far on this list is the ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair. Weighing only 11.3 lbs (5.1 kg), nearly 5 lbs (2.2 kg) lighter than the closest rival.

Maximum user weight

The next weight aspect is how much the chair can hold. Maybe you are a larger individual who has had trouble in the past with camp chairs breaking. By looking at the ratings for how much each chair can hold, then you will get an idea for how robust, tough, and strong a certain chair is. Although, load capacity is a good starting point, each chair is slightly different. You should also pay attention to the types of materials being used.


Another factor, you should consider is how large each chair is. Look at the actual dimensions and get a feel for what the average chair size is. If you want an over-sized chair then look at the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair. If you need more compact try the ALPS Mountaineering Escape Camp Chair.

Special Features

Built in table

Finally, the last aspect to consider before picking out the best reclining camping chair with a footrest is special features. If you struggle with eating meals with a plate in your lap, look for a built-in table to eat from. A built-in table is great for reading because you can quickly and easily set down your reading when getting up.

Drinks Holder

Maybe you’re a fan of having a beverage while you sit around the campfire or while watching your kids soccer game. In that case, you will want to make sure that your reclining camping chair has a cup holder. Some have mesh cup holders hanging form the arm of the chair, others have a drinks holder built into a table-like structure.

Best Reclining Camping Chair Closing thoughts

There are many different and unique features that can play a role in finding the best reclining camping chair with a footrest. Deciding what is important to you is the best way to start along with knowing where, when, and how you will use your chair most. This way you know exactly what you want from a chair and what’s most important to you. Find the chair which suits your needs most from our list and I think you’ll be happy whenever you use it.