Best Foot Warmers for Poor Circulation & Arthritis

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No one likes cold feet. But sometimes, you can’t warm them up by putting on socks alone, so you have to deal with frozen toes and discomfort for hours before you can get any relief. What if you could keep your feet toasty throughout the day, even outdoors or when hitting the slopes? You can! Foot warmers come in all shapes and styles—some electric, some not—so you can stay warm and comfortable wherever you are.

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Need some recommendations? You’re in luck. We put together a list of the best foot warms available, so you can shop and compare with confidence.

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The Benefits of Electric Foot Warmers

There are a couple of reasons someone would want heated socks or a foot warmer, but it all revolves around keeping your feet warm and healthy. So, let’s take a minute to discuss why your feet get cold easily.

A person’s heart has to work a bit to pump blood through the body and down to the feet. Your toes are literally one of the last things to receive oxygenated blood, and by the time it gets there, it is less than warm. Since the feet come into direct contact with the ground—where a lot of cold, wet surfaces are—the feet also lose heat the fastest. Add in some conditions like poor circulation or an autoimmune disease like lupus or arthritis, and you have yourself some aching, glacial feet!

When you have heated socks or an electric foot warmer, though, you don’t have to worry about your feet getting chilled so quickly.

Here are a couple other reasons to purchase foot warmers:

  • You fall asleep easier. Cold feet are uncomfortable and make it much harder for your brain to switch into sleep mode. With warm, heated socks, you will be able to drift off much more quickly and wake up less often.
  • Warmer feet equals better circulation. People who struggle with poor circulation will feel much relief while using a heating pad for feet.
  • Heat can soothe joint issues. Arthritic toes will ache a little less when your feet are warm and comfortable.
  • Warm feet also decreases the chance of an attack in people with Raynaud’s disease.

What Are The Best Foot Warmers

The following foot warmers are designed to keep your feet toasty throughout winter or on those days when your feet just need some extra TLC. Not only that, but heated socks and foot warmers promote healthier circulation and also relieve arthritic pain. Let’s have a look at the different kinds of foot warmers available:

The Best Foot Warmer for Poor Circulation: QUINEAR Leg Massager

If you are looking for a foot warmer that will leave your muscles and tired feet feeling refreshed, then you need the Leg Massager with Heat by QUINEAR. The device is essentially a wrap with Velcro that conforms to your legs. Inside are two airbags filled with massage rollers that knead your muscles. Meanwhile, the heaters work to improve circulation and help those tired legs rest. QUINEAR’s electronic leg and foot warmer comes with a host of safety features for peace of mind. The inner shelves can be removed and washed, too.

This is also a top foot warmers for arthritis. Healthline recommends heat treatments to help ease stiffness in arthritic joints. Although massaging isn’t currently a recommended treatment due to a lack of evidence to show benefits for arthritis it is unlikely to cause any risks. It’s also likely to reduce stress which can have direct benefits on reducing pain from arthritis.


  • Two heating levels – Low (100°F) and High (118°F)
  • Compression massage for calves
  • 3 massage intensities and 3 modes
  • 20 minute auto shut-off function
  • Comes with a storage bag for travel
  • Adjustable leg cuffs
  • Best foot warmers for poor circulation


  • Sometimes it will heat or pressurize unevenly; left leg may be hotter/tighter than right and vice versa

The Best Sock Foot Warmer: GLOBAL VASION Heated Socks

For the outdoor enthusiast or someone who needs warm socks throughout the night, Global Vasion’s heated socks have changed the game completely. The cotton and spandex blend is extremely comfortable and breathable. The heated instep is designed to transport heat up the leg from the feet, so you feel warm from your toes to the crown of your head. Depending on which of the three heat settings you use, the socks can keep you warm for 3 to 6.5 hours. The battery pocket isn’t bulky like some other brands.

Global Vasion is often compared to Sun Will Heated Socks, which are a bit more expensive and designed the same way. Sun Will’s socks have a slightly bulkier battery pack, making them less than ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking.


  • Available in two colors – black or gray
  • Unisex sizing
  • Great for outdoor use
  • 3 temperature settings – Low, Medium, and High
  • Padded heel and breathable cotton material
  • Fantastic option for outdoor sports


  • Recharge time is a little long (around 4-5 hours), but if you drain the battery, it takes a few hours longer
  • Your feet may begin to sweat and feel damp

The Best Heated Footrest: Cozy Products Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer

Looking for a space heater that fits under the desk and warms you up more efficiently? Check out Toasty Toes by Cozy Products. The energy efficient unit takes only 90 watts of energy and doesn’t get hot to the touch, so you can move it around as you see fit. You can also use it standing or while sitting down. The heater runs silently, too.

Is more expensive necessarily better? Not really. Take the competitor, the Fellowes Climate Control Footrest, for instance. The price tag is a little higher than the Cozy Toasty Toes model, but it is loud, difficult to adjust, hard to carry, and shoddily constructed. You get more of your money’s worth out of our recommended foot warmer.


  • Fits perfectly under the desk
  • Runs quietly, so no one will know you’re using it
  • Energy-efficient model for a reduced fire hazard and electricity usage
  • Two levels of heat – low and high
  • Big enough for feet of all sizes to rest on


  • Toasty Toes may not be as durable as more expensive models, especially if you are standing on it all the time.
  • The legs are flimsy, so it may fall down when upright
  • No auto off function

The Best Foot Warming Pad: MaxKare Electric Foot Warmer XL

A combination of heating pad and foot warmer is exactly what you need for wintertime. The MaxKare Electric Foot Warmer comes in a vivid color and is made with velveteen and flannel to lock in the heat, so you stay warmer for longer. When you don’t want to slip your feet under the covering, you can bend the heating pad to use it on your shoulders, back, abdomen, or legs. 5 levels of heat help you customize your comfort. Plus, you get peace of mind from the automatic shut-off and an ETL safety certification. The manufacturer also offers a 2-year return service if your electric foot warmer happens to malfunction. This may be the best foot warmers for people with arthritis as it performs an effecting heat treatment via an electric blanket.


  • Even heating with no cold spots in the bottom part
  • 2 hour automatic shut-off
  • Super soft material
  • Can be used as a foot warmer or traditional heating pad for all sorts of body aches and pains
  • Wide (20×32 inches) and nonrestrictive, so you can get comfortable
  • Machine washable


  • The controller is difficult to use. There are no labels for the buttons, and the cord is rather short.
  • Not very durable
  • Disconnecting the power cord from the heating pad can be a little difficult

The Best Warming Slippers: Snook-Ease Booties with Heated Inserts

Don’t want to deal with battery packs and wires and controllers? Then why not get slippers with microwaveable inserts to warm your feet instead? Snook-Ease has crafted some incredibly warm booties that you can wear just as slippers or as a highly effective foot warmer. All you have to do is take the removable inserts from the slippers, pop them in the microwave for 60 seconds, and viola! Toasty slippers that warm your frozen feet. The heat spreads through the inner lining, so you don’t have to worry about the inserts being too hot either.

The best part? You don’t have to use those heated inserts just with the slippers either. You can put them in your work boots, hiking boots, or even running sneakers.


  • Comes in four colors – gray, navy, pink, and beige
  • Comes in different sizes for men and women
  • Anti-slip soles
  • 3 layers of support, insulation, and heating
  • Microwaveable inserts – no wires or charging necessary
  • Odor-free and washable


  • Works for only 30 minutes (but quick and easy to warm back up)
  • Warms from the bottom, so the tops of your feet may remain cold

The Best Warming Insoles: Thermup Electric Heated Insoles

So, you are on the move all the time as an athlete or an EMT or just need something to keep you warm while taking the dog for a walk. The only thing that may compare to the effectiveness of these heated insoles would be the heated socks, but those do not get as hot as these, nor do they last as long. Thermup is a German company that specializes in heated clothing and outerwear, as well as sports apparel and other products. The construction is top-notch, adding to durability. You can expect your investment to hold up for a good while.


  • Contains a far infrared heating element for longer and deeper heat distribution
  • Cut to fit your shoe size
  • Made of several layers of supportive sponge
  • Washable by machine and hand
  • Excellent for hundreds of applications, such as outdoor activities and occupations
  • Heat quickly and can last between 5-10 hours, depending on the heat setting
  • Gaiters stay in place once attached, so you don’t need to worry about adjustments later on


  • The battery holder is a bit awkward around the ankle
  • Time consuming to put on

Foot Warmers Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen the best foot warmers available, how do you select the one that is best for you? There are a couple of features to consider:

Heat Level

If your foot warmer doesn’t get hot enough, what’s the point? Therefore, you should choose an electric foot warmer that has variable temperatures. Some have two levels while others might have three or five. Choose a device that has a maximum heating level of around 150°F/ 65°C.

Heating Elements & Materials

Every foot warmer is going to have some kind of heating element, but some are going to be vastly superior to others in terms of performance. Far-infrared and carbon fiber heaters are the best, because they heat more quickly and efficiently than other types.

Secondly, consider the material. You want something soft, durable, and insulating (so the heat stays in). A combination of cotton and polyester usually works well, but lamb’s wool is another great open that is bound to keep you warm long after the unit shuts off.


Foot warmers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The two most common types are wearables, like slippers, and heating pads. The latter is electric and needs to be plugged in to work. Some may have rechargeable batteries to improve portability.

Wearables are a bit different. They usually have a heating element that is powered by a rechargeable battery. Most wearable foot warmers will have adjustable heat settings, so you can change the temperature depending on your needs.


Is the foot warmer going to stay at home in the living room? Or do you want something that can come with you while you go hiking or skiing? Depending on your needs, you may end up preferring the heating pad type over the sock type and vice versa.

Safety Features

Be sure to read the usage instructions. Some electric foot warmers require you to wear socks to avoid direct contact with the heating element. You may also want safety features like automatic shut off or a timer, so even if you forget to turn it off or wind up dozing off while using the foot warmer, you are not in any danger.

Best Foot Warmers Wrap Up

Feet are important but often overlooked when it comes to self-care. Instead of freezing your toes and getting cracked soles this winter, get heated with the best foot warmers around.

Foot Warmer FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about foot warms and heated socks:

What are heated socks?

Simply put, heated socks are like regular socks, except they have an added heating element to keep your toes warmer and your circulation moving.

Foot warmers can be heated socks, but you can also find heating pads for feet, electronic heat massagers, and more.

Do battery heated socks work?

Yes, they do. The batteries are usually a removable and rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can connect to a USB for charging. The battery is surrounded by a heater mesh that creates ambient warmth for several hours.

Are heated socks and foot warmers worth the money?

Most socks and heat pads for feet are well worth the money, especially if you have perpetually uncomfortable and chilly feet. Heated socks are an excellent buy for outdoor activities, while foot warming pads can be brought to the office or kept at home for your convenience.

Are heated socks better than heated insoles?

They both have their own purposes. Heated socks are excellent to wear around the house, with casual shoes, and while you are sleeping. Heated insoles work with footwear that is already well insulated, like hiking boots or snowboarding boots. But really, it comes down to what you are most comfortable with.

How can I keep my feet warm without socks?

Socks are always the best option, but if you don’t have socks, you can always take a warm/hot bath or massage your feet to increase circulation. That will help your feet warm up. Optionally, you can use a heat pad for feet, like the one we recommended earlier.

Can I use foot warmers while sleeping?

It depends on the device. Using a foot warmer that is connected to an outlet for an extended period of time can cause the device to get too hot, which could end up burning you or your bedding. However, if you use heated socks and microwaveable insoles, you can wear them to bed.

Are there any medical conditions that contraindicate the use of electric foot warmers?

Yes, there are a few. If you have a venous disease or a fungal or bacterial infection, then you should not use foot warmers. The heat generated by such a device is more likely to aggravate your condition rather than soothe it. If you are unsure if a foot warmer is safe for you, then it is best to consult a medical professional first.