Best Clippers for Angora Rabbits

Best Clippers for Angora Rabbits

You may have heard from other rabbit owners that you don’t need to worry about trimming a rabbit’s fur. But that rule only applies to short-haired rabbits. When you have a long-haired rabbit breed, like an Angora, that grows wool, you absolutely cannot let their hair get overly long. Too much wool could end in painful matting and other dangers that could get your beloved bunny killed.

Since Angora rabbits have thick yet fine coats, you need a special type of clipper that won’t upset their skin. So, we went out and found the best clippers for Angora rabbits. Take a look.

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Best Clippers for Angora Rabbits

How to Groom an Angora Rabbit

Grooming rabbits takes a bit of skill, which is probably why you are searching for the best clippers for Angora rabbits to speed up the process. Long-haired breeds, such as Angora, Lionheads, Jersey Woolly, and the American Fuzzy Lop require grooming multiple times a week, sometimes daily.

There are five types of Angoras—English Angora, French Angora, German Angora, Giant Angora (mixed with Flemish Giant and German Angora), and Satin Angora. Each type has a slightly different coat, thereby changing up how you go about grooming your rabbit.

For instance, the French and English Angoras will produce around 1 pound of wool per year, while the German Angora makes about 4.5 lbs (2.0kg) annually. You’re going to have to groom a German Angora much more often.

Make it a Routine

For long-haired rabbits, routine grooming is key to keeping their stunning coats healthy. Long coats can also hide health problems.

When you are brushing your Angora rabbit, make sure you are doing the following: 

  • Using a pin brush to brush along the coat (not against) and avoid any extremities.
  • Work through the coat with a fine-toothed comb. Clip out any mats. Since there is a lot of furs, you may have to go through the coat section by section.
  • If your high-quality rabbit has mats, make sure that you take care of them first before using the clipper. If you need to remove hair, clip at the fur closest to the skin with some scissors.

Tips for Clipping and Shaving an Angora Rabbit

Here are some tips to help you clipper your rabbit safely:

  1. Always keep the clipper blade or scissors parallel to the rabbit’s body. The chance of injuries is reduced this way.
  2. Check the blades often, since the blades tend to get very hot. If the blades feel hot to the touch, it is most likely too hot for your rabbit.
  3. Be slow around the genitals. There are many curves and it can be difficult to navigate. If you are trimming away mats, cover the genitals with a hand to protect your rabbit from harm.

Best Shaving Clippers for Angora Rabbits

Here are the chosen shaving clippers. We looked out the quality of the clipper, the brand, and the features. Some are made more heavy duty than others, while others come with nifty attachments that you can use. Overall, we have recommended some high-quality yet affordable clippers that won’t startle your rabbit (because that’s important!).

Remember to carefully dispose of the fur so that foxes aren’t attracted to your yard (or learn how to deter foxes). No one with rabbits wants to have predators hanging around.

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Best Shaver for Angora Rabbits: Oster A5 Two Speed Grooming Clipper

The best trimmer, hands down, is the Oster A5 Two Speed Grooming Clipper. With versatility and quality, this trimmer will last many years and groom hundreds of long-haired pets, including your floppy-eared friends. The trimmer comes with a standard #10 blade and can switch between two speeds. Since the motor is quiet, you won’t have to worry about startling your rabbit.

If you want to upgrade your Oster clipper, we recommend the Oster 10-Piece Stainless Steel Comb Kit. It is a bit of an expense, but the blades are highly durable and compatible with the Oster A5. Like the Cryogen-X series, other compatible blades have superior trimming quality without getting hot, so you can use them for longer periods.

Overall, the Oster is an excellent clipper for grooming all kinds of animals. It comes with a single detachable blade, clipper grease, blade oil, carbon brushes, and a single cleaning brush. The only downside we have found is the price of the unit, despite coming with a single blade.


  • Impact-resistant design
  • Two speeds
  • Compatible with other types of Oster blades


  • Expensive (but the quality justifies the price tag)

Best Battery Operated Rabbit Clippers: Bousnic 2 Speed Cordless Grooming Clippers Kit

If you want a cheaper trimmer rabbit clipper that works just as well as an Oster, you should consider the battery-powered Bousnic 2 Speed Cordless Clipper. You get added convenience with the wireless design, so you never have to worry about you or your rabbit getting tangled up. When fully charged, the battery will last a full 6 hours. This means you don’t have to exacerbate the grooming by taking multiple breaks.

The kit comes with a stainless steel comb, scissors, and a cleaning brush. You have everything you need to get started with taming your Angora rabbit’s wooliness. Aside from that, the titanium blade has 33 teeth that won’t snag and 2 speeds for more fine-tuned control. It is so quiet (less than 50 decibels) that your bunny will have an enjoyable experience. 6 guide combs are included, too.


  • Wireless charge lasts for 6 hours
  • Quiet function
  • Comes with 6 guide combs


  • Body clip may collect hair, forcing you to clean the blade several times

Budget Shaving Clippers for Angora Rabbits: Holdog Grooming Clipper

At first glance, the Holdog Grooming Clipper looks a lot like the Bousnic model. It features a similarly designed 33-teeth titanium-ceramic blade for a smoother cut and less heat transference. 4 adjustable combs are included in the package, so you can more effectively control your rabbit’s fur. There is also a trimmer blade for more narrow places on your pet.

But what makes the Holdog stand out among other budget models? The construction quality. First off, the engine is quiet enough to come in at below 50 dB, so your rabbit won’t be afraid when grooming time comes around. Secondly, the wireless unit will hold up to 3-4 hours of power. This shaving clipper proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your Angora rabbit an amazing trim.


  • Power display lets you see the battery charge
  • 3-speed levels
  • Does not overheat easily


  • Doesn’t have the same amount of power as other clippers on the list


Hopefully, you have found a clipper for an Angora rabbit that suits your budget and need. Make sure you are routinely grooming and clipping your rabbit’s wool because it could get matted when neglected. Since matting can endanger your pet’s life, having a trimmer to shear off wool and mats is essential. No matter which one you choose, you are bound to find the best clipper for an Angora rabbit soon.


What is the best blade to use on an Angora rabbit’s coat?

It is always a good idea to have more than one blade on hand since blades get warm. You may have to replace them during a session to keep from harming your fluffy friend. The number printed on every blade determines how much hair is cut. Higher numbers cut closer to the skin. For example, a veterinarian might use a 40 or 50 to cleanly shave fur away from a surgical site.