Best Bluetooth FM Transmitters for Cars, Pickups and Trucks

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When driving most people love to listen to music, this love is only enhanced when hearing your favorite songs. For most people it increases happiness, concentration and decreases stress. Many cars, pickups and trucks have radio systems which integrate directly with peoples phones. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for everyone. If this is the case for you, the easiest way to play music from your phone through your vehicles speakers is an Bluetooth FM transmitter.

Bluetooth FM Transmitters are the most popular option for motorists all over the world — with good reason. This petite device fits into your car cigarette socket with ease allowing you to stream music effortlessly via your car stereo. Most also allow you to charge your phone and check the battery status of your car to.

We review what products the market has to offer, helping you buy the best quality Bluetooth FM transmitters on offer. 

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The best Bluetooth FM Transmitter

To save you reading the buyers’ guide and product reviews, here is the best Bluetooth FM transmitter on the market. This transmitter is the one I use myself. After trialing all the transmitters in this review, the sound quality is just clearer and crisper with the Nulaxy NX09.

Buyers Guide

It’s important to compare and distinguish the key features on any Bluetooth FM transmitter before you decide on one. There are several cheap low quality products from brands that promise a lot but deliver very little. The key characteristics of a good Bluetooth FM transmitter include:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 or 4.2 with noise reduction technology for clear and flawless sound quality
  • Next, you should look for a device that can charge your devices while it simultaneously playing music.
  • Lastly, it’s great if you can easily receive incoming calls with Hands-free technology. This should be a feature of any reputable Bluetooth FM transmitter.

Below we discuss a few features in-depth so you can use the information to make informed decisions when shopping for yours. 

Bluetooth Enabled

The most important features to look for is the device must be able to connect via Bluetooth.

Depending on the version of Bluetooth fitted in the transmitter, you often have the added advantage of higher quality audio, and a more stable connection to transmit music via FM channels. It is important to look for a FM transmitter with a minimum of Bluetooth 4.2 but preferably 5.0.

Connecting via Bluetooth is quick and simple. Once you’ve paired with the FM transmitter for the first time it will automatically connect in the future. Most people want to play audio via a phone, using Bluetooth instead of aux as it’s cleaner and cable free.

Different Inputs

It’s common and even expected that any Bluetooth FM transmitter must be able to give you different modes to access your music. Most are usually fitted with a USB port (flash drive) where you simply slip in your USB to access music. Many also provide an input for a Micro SD card to access your audio files saved on there.

Another input some FM transmitters have is an auxiliary cord which plugs into your phone’s headphone port, this feature is very useful but has become less common.

Some Bluetooth FM transmitters come with dual USB ports that allow you to charge two phones simultaneously. That can be very helpful as you don’t lose the valuable function of charging a mobile device simply to enjoy your music. Typically if there is two USB ports, one will be slower charging and the other much faster.

Noise Blocking

You should select a Bluetooth FM transmitter that can offer you the added advantage of a background noise-free listening experience. Most FM transmitters provides these features, often at a very reasonable price, don’t settle for anything less when selecting your next Bluetooth FM transmitter. Exceptional sound has become a given when buying from trustworthy brands, so using outdated technology isn’t necessary anymore, and it’s a waste of money.


Another important feature to be aware of is the price of a Bluetooth FM transmitter. Even though they’re usually not priced too high, there are some risk factors when it appears to be priced too cheap. Many poor quality products promise impressive features while not delivering.

Also, be wary of devices that are priced much more expensive than the norm. It doesn’t mean if something is expensive, it’s automatically the best buy for you. What’s more important is that it fits your budget and offers all the features that will make life more convenient.

FM Transmission 

The core function of a Bluetooth FM transmitter is the ability to effortlessly connect your music / audio to a clear radio frequency. There are many unused frequencies you can tap into with a Bluetooth FM transmitter for optimal performance.

Usually, FM transmitters are able to broadcast to frequencies between 87.5 – 108 MHz. This is the industry norm and nearly all products offer this.

Your listening experience should always be enjoyable after investing in a Bluetooth FM transmitter. If not, contact the brand for assistance or replacements.

Car Battery Status

An added feature to various Bluetooth FM transmitters is battery charge status when starting your car, pickup or truck. Most transmitters reads this information in the first three seconds when connecting to your car.

It’s a nice feature because the regular status updates when using your Bluetooth FM transmitter allows you to gauge the health of your battery. It will also alert you to whether something may be wrong with your transmitter — if it quickly depletes the battery power it may be faulty.

Best Bluetooth FM Transmitters Reviews

Below is a table summarizing the Bluetooth FM Transmitters which have been tested and reviewed.

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A detailed review of each transmitter can be seen below shown in order of their ranking.

Nulaxy NX09 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This highly sophisticated Bluetooth FM transmitter from Nulaxy gives you superior sound with echo-canceling technology that lowers background noise. It’s a class above its competitors offering four times faster charge and three different modes to stream your music from. Music can be played via Bluetooth, USB drive or Micro SD card.

Click here to view.


Playing your favorite tunes while driving to work becomes a musical odyssey when using the Nulaxy Bluetooth FM transmitter. It offers crystal clear sounds from your car speakers. The cutting-edge technology used to reduce noise ensures this flawless sound.

Some other highlights are:

  • High quality and easy to use hands free
  • Operates on Bluetooth 5.0, helping blocks background noise and prevents any echoes
  • It’s a three-way music player that can play music through your USB, Bluetooth or via SD card
  • The LED display screen shows the car battery status when you turn on the car
  • Features USB 3.0 rapidly charging your phone four times quicker than most normal car chargers
  • It has two USB ports so you can charge two phones simultaneously

What I Like

The versatility of the Nulaxy Bluetooth transmitter is impressive. Not only do you get superior sound but its ability to charge your phone faster than normal car chargers gets a thumbs up from me. The cool color display while it’s plugged in, adds an aesthetic flair to your car interior. The most important part of a Bluetooth transmitter is the sound quality, Nulaxy seem to have perfected this. In my opinion, the sound is crisper and has less static than the competitors.

What I Don’t Like

The only negative I have with this transmitter is that some others have swivel head displays. When plugged into my vehicles 12v socket (cigarette lighter) the display is directed vertically making it hard to see information on the screen. Fortunately, you don’t need to look at the display often and it’s a very minor negative.


  • Great audio quality
  • Amazing value (especially for quality)
  • Charges four times faster than normal car chargers
  • Fair price
  • Permits voice commands
  • Two USB charging ports
  • Simple to use
  • Strong Bluetooth connection


  • No swivel head display

Lihan Handsfree Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

No need for expensive hands-free car kits anymore. You can now switch to hands-free mode effortlessly while listening to music when you’re driving. The Lihan Bluetooth FM Transmitter offers convenience and efficiency with its three-way music modes and smart design. It also rapidly charges your phone while you’re listening to your favorite audio files.

Click here to view.


If sleek and compact is what you’re looking for, then Lihan is a perfect product. The ultra-modern design with an LED display screen is easy on the eyes and packed with power.

Some other impressive aspects include:

  • It has two USB ports so you can charge two phones simultaneously
  • Effortless music streaming from car stereo
  • Hands-free driving allows you to easily switch from music to incoming calls
  • It has three different modes for streaming music including USB, Micro SD card and Bluetooth
  • Rapid charging
  • CVC noise cancelling technology

What I Like

The simplicity of the design is very attractive and can seamlessly fit in with your car décor. The ease of switching between calls while listening to music also gets a plus from me. The battery charge check is also handy, and comes as standard with most FM transmitters.

The Lihan Bluetooth FM transmitter proves to be a multi-purpose device and the brand can pride itself on the efficiency users can enjoy.

What I Don’t Like

The device is prone to give a small amount of background static which reduces the quality of listening. Some other Bluetooth FM transmitters deliver better quality sound, and the Nulaxy NX09 seems unbeatable.

Another negative is when making a phone call the microphone doesn’t always pick up clearly, making it difficult for the other person(s) to understand conversation.


  • Good value
  • Effortless hands-free driving
  • Two USB charging ports
  • Simple to operate


  • Call clarity can very
  • Reception not clear on some FM channels
  • Volume increase limited
  • Lower durability

Nulaxy KM19 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Another Nulaxy product has a very high ranking in this review. The KM19 was the first Bluetooth transmitter I ever purchased and was amazed at how easy it was to set up.

One of the key selling features is that the display unit can rotate 120°, which really helps increase visibility for the driver and passengers.

Click here to view.


The KM19 Bluetooth FM transmitter has greater maneuverability than most of its competitors, which is great news to drivers and passengers. It’s fitted with a 120° pivoted head display screen. Here are other key aspects:

  • It has 2 charging USB ports, one slow charge and another faster charging.
  • It charges fast but slightly slower than Nulaxy NX09 and Lihan.
  • Music can be connected though USB, aux, Micro SD or Bluetooth
  • Easy to operate hands free

What I Like

The KM19 has several methods of playing audio through your car speakers, the two which are most commonly used are Bluetooth and aux. This transmitter can also play via Mirco SD and USB memory stick.

Having the ability to rotate the Nulaxy’s display is highly useful, and is a feature to think about if your 12v socket is facing directly upwards. The sound quality is quite high making for good listening. Additionally, when you open the box it comes with a 600mm aux cable which is a nice added extra.

What I Don’t Like

This biggest drawback of Nulaxy’s KM19 is that occasionally there can be a buzzing noise which changes pitch depending on the RPM of you vehicle. In my car this can become noticeable and slightly frustrating. Another slight negative is that although the sound quality is good, the Nulaxy NX09 really outperforms it.


  • Rotating display screen
  • Many audio inputs
  • Strong Bluetooth connection


  • Occasional buzzing noise in the background of audio

Sumind Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The Sumind Bluetooth FM transmitter has come up with a bulkier version than its competitors. It has a 1.7-inch screen that is LCD enabled. This shows the name of a song or the number of an incoming call. It’s 270° goose neck display makes viewing and controlling the Bluetooth FM transmitter easier than the fixed body competitors.

Click here to view.


What stood out on this Bluetooth FM transmitter is the flexibility it affords while driving. It’s fitted with a 270° gooseneck that supports the display screen. You can now move the display conveniently to almost any position while driving. Here are other key aspects:

  • It charges fast but slightly slower than Nulaxy NX09 and Lihan. Additionally, it can automatically identify whether your phone is Android or iOS enabled
  • It has magnetic plates that secure your phone safely while driving
  • It’s Bluetooth v4.2 enabled for economic data transfer and more stable connections
  • It allows multiple applications for connecting such as USB, MP3 player, aux or Bluetooth
  • You get it fitted with technology that reduces background noise

What I Like

The unique selling point of Sumind’s Bluetooth FM transmitter is its flexibility. Besides the ability to rotate the screen to nearly any position, you can now safely mount your phone with the magnetic plates. The sound quality is high which makes easy listening.

What I Don’t Like

The design is slightly bulky and less slick than some competitors, which is a slight drawback. Another slight negative is that although the sound quality is high, the Nulaxy NX09 outperforms it.


  • Rotating display screen
  • Magnetic plates that safely hold your phone
  • Noise reduction technology


  • Bulkier design
  • Pricey

LDesign G7 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

This Bluetooth FM transmitter is fitted with the most recent Bluetooth V5.0 technology. You get superior transmission with unmatched stability. LDesign has designed a device that’s much more athletically pleasing than other FM transmitters.

Click here to view.


Some of the key items that stood out for me are the state-of-the-art design. It’s lightweight, compact and fitted with a smart LCD.

Some other highlights include:

  • It has four different modes you can play music from which include USB, MP3, aux cable and Bluetooth streaming
  • Improved hands-free connections allow voice commands for easy navigation while driving aiding safer driving conditions
  • It’s able to check your car battery condition when you switch on your car

What I Like

I appreciate the fact that LDesign didn’t simply design a Bluetooth FM transmitter that will provide you with endless play options. They went a step further and offer you a lifetime warranty and brilliant customer service that gives you total peace of mind for the after-sales period. Their commitment to enhancing this device with the most recent Bluetooth technology also sets them apart from their competitors. 

What I Don’t Like

One drawback is its ability to suck the power out of your car battery. You should keep a close eye on the condition of your battery while using this Bluetooth FM transmitter. If your car, pickup or truck sometimes struggles to start due to low battery, consider unplugging the Bluetooth FM transmitter when the vehicle isn’t in use. 

Another negative is that background static increases with engine revs. At times it isn’t noticeable but when you can hear it’s rather irritating.


  • Stylish design
  • Affordable


  • Background static is noticeable at times
  • Buttons can be a little tricky to use
  • Can deplete car battery
  • Doesn’t fit securely in port 
  • Can lose connection

JETech Wireless FM Transmitter

For the final product I’ve decided to show you an FM transmitter which doesn’t use Bluetooth. JETech’s transmitter only operates using aux.

JETech kept it simple and produced an FM transmitter that is ultra-compact and is handy for anyone who doesn’t have Bluetooth available. It’s fitted with an easy-to-use audio cord and charger. The FM transmitter also comes with a USB port, so that you can charge your devices. It charges fast but slightly slower than the Nulaxy NX09 and Lihan.

Click here to view.


This FM transmitter comes at an affordable price which makes it wise buy for those shopping on a tight budget.

It won’t take up much space in your car but will work seamlessly in the background to offer you good sound quality. It’s compatible with most phones and gives your mobile device a quick charge while playing music.

Some other valuable items to look out for include:

  • Connects effortlessly to any FM channel
  • It has an extra USB port that allows you to charge your phone
  • It works well with most smartphones and tablets via the 3.5mm jack cord

What I Like

It takes up little space in your car and avoids all the frills and excesses to give you good sound quality. The responsive buttons fitted on the device also make it easy to navigate between the different FM channels.

What I Don’t Like

It, unfortunately, doesn’t have the same capacity as its competitors that offer improved stable connections via Bluetooth. It also has limited noise reduction technology built-in. The build quality seems cheap.

Personally I’d avoid this transmitter as it doesn’t meet the standards of its competitors. If you don’t have Bluetooth on the device you want to play audio from it would be advisable to purchase the Nulaxy KM19 or the Sumind, both have Aux inputs which work well and produce good sound and have better build quality than JETech.


  • Very affordable
  • Connects easily to your device


  • No Bluetooth connectivity options
  • Poor build quality
  • Flimsy material used for adapter
  • Limited noise reduction technology

Bluetooth FM Transmitters FAQ

Do Bluetooth-enabled FM transmitters work?


Bluetooth FM transmitters simply facilitate a wireless connection from your audio device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop to your car, pickup or trucks radio. The FM transmitter becomes a hub where a signal is being broadcast via your phone to the car stereo.

Are Bluetooth FM transmitters only limited to FM channels?

Yes, almost all FM transmitters transmitters are FM only. The industry standard has an operation range of 87.5 – 108 MHz.

I heard FM transmitters aren’t legal, how true is this?

There was a time when transmitters were banned in the UK but these bans have been lifted in 2006 and FM transmitters legalized. They were banned because some of them caused interference during transmission when official radio stations were broadcasting.

You’re not breaking any laws using an FM transmitter and they’re perfectly safe to use.

Is Bluetooth harmful to your health when using Bluetooth FM transmitters?

There are many different theories and studies conducted on the possible effects of Bluetooth on your health. Some experts argue headphones release radio frequency radiation when in use. There is no conclusive evidence or research that proves using wireless Bluetooth via an FM transmitter can cause cancer. Many studies support that no inherent harm can be done from being exposed to wireless connections if you’re not physically connected to it. 


A lot has been said on the benefits of Bluetooth FM transmitters. One thing is for certain — it’ll make your driving experience more pleasurable. It allows you to easily access your music or podcasts. For whatever the reason you need a Bluetooth FM transmitter, you will find many uses for it.

When compared with the other Bluetooth FM transmitters the Nulaxy NX09 comes out the clear winner. It simply offers the greatest sound quality and strongest Bluetooth connection. It’s a better FM transmitter than JeTech, LDesign, Simund and Lihan.

The Nulaxy Bluetooth FM transmitter is also priced affordably making it good value for your money. With its sophisticated finishes, it’s easy on the eye and innovative technology offers you three ways to enjoy your music. It can charge your phone rapidly and allows for effortless hands-free communication while driving. It has a sleek design with seven different colors to choose from when plugged in (or no color if you choose).

If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly a second recommendation would be the Lihan FM transmitter.

Let us know what your final selection was and how it has improved your daily commute. If you have any questions, recommendations or anything else then please contact me via my contact page.

Product Review Lad